Here comes the snow

This is me, pre-Frog.

Actually, it’s not quite pre-Frog; Frog is there, albeit the size of an orange, hidden under my jumper. But she hadn’t properly arrived in the world, not yet.

This photograph was taken at Christmas time in 2009. I was pregnant, having only recently “announced” the news to friends and family. I had no idea what was ahead, apart from that it involved a baby. And I was excited.

This picture captures a moment during a visit to the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine’s parents’ home in Rochdale.

I can remember that feeling of childish excitement as I looked out of the window in the morning to see thick snow had covered the ground. As a Southern Fairy, I was unused to this Northern snow.

I dragged the NLM and both of his parents out of the front door and onto the common, to run around (as much as running around is possible when you’re pregnant) making footprints and snowmen. It was fun.

I’m sure I had the best time out of everyone there. I seem to remember the NLM grumbling about the cold and then kicking over my snowman.

But no matter what fun I had, I’m sure it won’t rival future snowfalls. Not now I have a proper playmate to enjoy them with.

This is my entry to this week’s Gallery, which is themed Happy Memories. Head on over to Sticky Fingers to the see the rest.



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27 responses to “Here comes the snow

  1. DSW

    Cute photo’s!!! I am sure Frog will love playing in the snow with you and building snow men!!

  2. I love the snow! I always get so excited at this time of year, there is Halloween, Bonfire night, Snow, Christmas and all of these things are going to be even more fun with little people to enjoy them with – yay! x

  3. Lovely pics and plenty more happy memories to be made in future snowfalls I’m sure!

  4. i LOVE the snow. Sadly after 5 minutes the kids are always moaning they are cold ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely pics as ever! xx

  5. Both those pictures are great. I love nothing better than a good play in the snow and I can’t wait to enjoy it with my little playmate. Things like snow are so much more exciting when you can see them through the eyes of a child.

  6. That is picture perfect! I love snow angels and you look in your element! x

  7. Aw! It’s my hope that when I take Li’l D to visit his northern cousins, he’ll get a chance to see snow. It doesn’t snow too, too often where I’m from, but it certainly snows more there than in Los Angeles! Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to find ourselves a little of the joy evidence in these photos.

  8. Oh, snow angels! My girls and I love doing that too. We also did sand angels on holiday. Lovely post.

  9. I love snow too! Although I do wish it wasn’t so damn cold… and wet… winter is my favourite time of year though. My girls are already on countdown to Christmas, I can’t wait either!! You sound so happy in your post, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love snow angels, my friends think I’m nuts doing it….especially face down on the way home from the pub!!

  11. that looked like lots of fun! and your little one is adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. How lovely – I remember loving snow like that. I vow to be first out there this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Both great pics and here’s to a very special friendship that should last a lifetime

  14. granny from the north

    Hi I have a picture or two of this day! will post – it did snow a lot didnt it! However not as badly as in 2010! even more snow that year…Feeling christmassy already! Ok I know …too early…XXX

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