Pyjama envy

Being a baby has just got a whole lot better.

As if being served like a queen on demand, sleeping for three hours every day and spending the rest of the time playing wasn’t good enough, Frog now has a new pair of pyjamas to make her life complete.

These aren’t just any old pyjamas. No siree. These are organic Merino wool ruby-red pyjamas from Cambridge Baby, complete with an embroidered sheep…

When I received this gorgeous all-in-one to review, I was a little sceptical. I mean, Merino wool? For a baby? Is it really necessary?

But I am a changed woman.

Although compared to your run-of-the-mill baby fabrics Merino wool doesn’t feel ultra soft, it really really is. So soft. It keeps Frog warm in her drafty bedroom, but is breathable so she doesn’t get too hot. And I get eco-points for it being organic too.

While we’re on the subject of eco, the nickel-free poppers are another winner, as is the sizing which is deliberately generous to house even the bulkiest cloth nappy.

I’m sold. And so is Frog…


The Merino wool Babygrow is available to buy from Cambridge Baby from £33.00

Disclaimer: I received no payment for this post, although I did get a babygrow to review. And it was really rather lovely.



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6 responses to “Pyjama envy

  1. They look gorgeous, bet they’ll be perfect for winter

  2. I have just realised that I need merino wool pyjamas. Right now!

  3. Expat Mammy

    they look very snug and very comfy, unfortunately not much call for them in desert but I’ll be checking out the the link.x

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