Me, The MADs and a pair of very big pants

Tomorrow afternoon I will kiss my daughter goodbye and board a train to the bright lights of London.

I’m hoping it won’t be a packed train, because I will be armed with some hair straighteners, a huge pair of heels and a rather pretty dress from Ellos. Oh and about ten tonnes of make-up, a camera and some very, very big pants.

It’s The MAD Blog Awards, see. The night I get to meet up with other parent bloggers and let my hair down. The night I get to celebrate all that is brilliant about blogging. The night I get to sleep in a room without a snoring man by my side (here’s hoping my roommate Northern Mum doesn’t snore).

Thanks to my brilliant sponsors, Brother Max, the innovative (and award winning) baby brand, I can now afford to stay over and won’t have to attempt running for the last train home in my ridiculously high shoes.

I’m staying, along with plenty of the other finalists, at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel on Bloomsbury Street. It all looks rather fancy and a far cry from what I’m used to on a Friday night. And I can’t bloody wait.

If I had a half decent phone I would tweet from the event. But seeing as I don’t, I think I’ll just drink wine instead.

So raise a glass – to The MADs, Brother Max and a pair of very big pants. London town: I’m coming to get you.


If you want to follow the action as events unfold, there’ll be a live blog on The MADs website. It all kicks off at 6.30pm, with the awards starting at 7.15pm.



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23 responses to “Me, The MADs and a pair of very big pants

  1. I am worried for London, and myself…..

  2. We are soooo proud of you!!! Go MOLLY!!!!

  3. Ruth

    I’ve stayed at that hotel – it’s nice! xxx

  4. Glass raised. See you tomorra.

  5. Jane Clarke

    You knock em dead Molly. Good luck. Tell Northernmum to enjoy as well.Love to you both. Jane xx

  6. Rachel Tadman

    Good Luck Molly!!…..not that you will need it of course X

  7. Expat Mammy

    Goodluck have a blast, paint london Red!!

  8. Best of luck Molly from us all at Brother Max – win or lose we think your blog is fab and enjoy your night of freedom – they’re few and far between. X

  9. Have a fabulous time! And enjoy your night off.

  10. GOOD LUCK! Have a fab time x

  11. granny from the north

    Hope all your blogging dreams come true! XXXX

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