So I didn’t win, but I had a bloomin’ good time

This weekend has opened my eyes to a few things:

1) I am a sore loser

2) I can’t consume more than three glasses of wine before getting all loud and over-excited

3) I should never be allowed on a rickshaw after drinking said three glasses of wine

4) I am a terrible singer.

You may have guessed by now I didn’t win the Best Baby Blog category at The Mum and Dad Blog Awards. I lost to an annoyingly brilliant blogger called Tom who writes at Diary of the Dad. Not only is he irritatingly talented but he’s also incredibly modest. All the things I’m not.

So, after contenting myself with those age-old lines “It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part” I spent the rest of the night applauding all the other fabulous winners and behaving in a very gracious manner to all those clutching their rather lovely awards. I was a picture of class and sensiblity.


I wish all of the above paragraph was true, but unfortunately it’s not. I did lose, to a very talented blogger. And I did clap (rather too loudly in some cases) as each winner was announced. But I also stumbled upon the vats and vats of free wine. And then there was some singing. And some more singing. And a bit of dancing. Oh, and a Subway sandwich (eaten by the side of the road) at some point in the evening. And then falling off a bed. And then sleep.

Although I didn’t get a piece of glassware for my living room mantelpiece, I did meet some of the people behind the blogs I’ve been following since starting my own ramblings back in February. I laughed until I cried and took lots and lots of rather rubbish photographs. I chatted with people I’d never actually met face to face before, but who I already consider “friends”. It was a fantastic night from start to finish.

So, as I packed up my bag and said a fond farewell to the lovely hotel in London, made possible by my brilliant sponsors Brother Max, I couldn’t help but make a silent wish to be back next year. But I want a trophy next time. Obviously.



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19 responses to “So I didn’t win, but I had a bloomin’ good time

  1. Go on then, show us some of the photos. And how about vlogging some of the singing? On the other hand… Well done on becoming a finalist – at least that’s something nice and shiny you can have on your blog.

  2. I voted for you so you should have won. Thanks for the sing-song. Let’s not do that again. Also, are we just lightweights or was that wine really strong? Three glasses did it for me too.

  3. Ghislaine Forbes

    I should have spent money on singing lessons rather than ballet, flute & horse-riding. You cannot sing.
    Love ma x

  4. Tom

    Great to meet you at the awards Molly and, as I said, I really thought you were going to win! I enjoy your blog – and for the record, think you’re irritatingly talented too, so there – and hope you win a gong for it next time. 🙂

  5. Expat Mammy

    Shame you didn’t win, we’re new to your site but think it totaly fabby.x

  6. He he sounds like you had a fun night if the comments are anything to go by too! Commiserations on not winning my dear.

  7. Sorry you didn’t win but pleased you had a great time. xx

  8. You make me laugh out loud Molly Weaver!

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