When I was huge and pregnant, the thing that got me through those long restless nights and sick-filled mornings was imagining what I would do with my baby when he or she was born.

At the time, I didn’t know Frog was a girl. And I didn’t know she’d take on squatter’s rights in my womb, so reluctant was she to enter the world.  So I was still all rose-tinted spectacles about motherhood.

I imagined my year of maternity leave to include countryside walks, painting pictures and playing with play doh. I looked forward to Christmas with glee, under the illusion that I would find lots of time to bake with my baby and make homemade decorations.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead, my maternity leave consisted of rushing from baby group to baby group, with very little time at home and much time spent fretting about whether to return to my full-time job or not. When Frog was awake, I knew it was only a matter of time before the crying would start because she wanted to sleep again. No sooner had I trundled out some activity or another, inspired by Baby Sensory or Baby Swimming or Baby Music (or any of the other gazillion clubs we joined), then Frog was sobbing with over-stimulation and begging to go back to bed.

But then she turned one. And I went back to work (sort of).

It seems that both these events caused a big change in Frog. As if by magic she blossomed into a little person, no longer the helpless baby I was accustomed to. Now, at fifteen months she’s interested and lively and exhausting but very, VERY fun.

Suddenly, overnight, she wants to do stuff. Painting, crayoning, sticking. This is the stuff I looked forward to when I was pregnant.

Shame I didn’t realise it would turn my grass blue.

This is my entry for this week’s Gallery. Head over to Sticky Fingers to see the rest.



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37 responses to “Colour

  1. That’s all the stuff that I am looking forward to! I can’t wait to do painting and drawing and play-doh moulding and putting all those little beads on shapes before ironing them to make them stick together! Yay! x

  2. Nice, I have to let bb try this….

  3. Brilliant! Please can her brother come and do that too?! xx

  4. what a lovely post, full of colour and life – that’s what our children fill our days with! thank you for sharing such a lovely post…

  5. Expat Mammy

    she looks like she’s having great fun, I’ve tried crayoning with my wee man but he just eat’s them at the moment, everyweek we keep trying. Your right about how you imagine motherhood to be, I thought be baking all the time, it’s actually quite a good thing im not I tend to burn most cakes.x

  6. Lovely post and great picture! They do just magically turn into a little person all of a sudden and it’s such a fantastic special time full of fun – I love it 🙂

  7. Ah thats lovely. And its always a good idea to paint outside…

  8. I LOVE your photo! It is brilliant! The colours are amazing and Frog looks like she is having a brilliant time. Clever you! Ad am so pleased to have been an influencer to get you to have go – what an honour!!!! 🙂

    Very proud of you and Frog indeed!



    • *mwah* right back at you Maggie. Seeing your posts of your bub creating a beautiful canvas made me realise I needed to “man up” and get messy with the paints. And it was so worth it!

  9. ah love that….did you bath her outside too? I always found that getting them from the garden to the bath without getting paint everywhere was the tricky part!
    Bet Frog had a great time

  10. what a great post! It’s funny how you have dreams about how wonderful being a mum will be, then you become a mum and realize that although it may not be quite as you imagined it is still an amazing experiance which just gets better and better 🙂 Love this photo so full of life and colour 🙂

    • Thank you! You’re so right – I think I expected Frog to come out of the womb moudling play doh and doing toddler stuff straight away. I didn’t realise I’d have to wait a while first!

  11. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  12. That is a gorgeous picture.

  13. Shame I didn’t realise it would turn my grass blue.
    While this sentence seems to be about grass, it’s so representative of the whole of parenthood! 😀

  14. That is a brilliant photo and i am going to do that in my garden too! What a great idea. x

  15. Oh wow! Love this post and such a darling photograph! Made me smile xo

  16. You get a year of maternity leave? Is that customary? We get a drop in the bucket here. Do husbands get leave, too? Husbands get three months leave here by law, but in reality it’s frowned upon at work. I took a long leave and got into all kinds of trouble with the powers that be at work.

    Yes, the first year or so is always hectic. But then the fun begins! Activities with the little one(s) are the best. And it only gets better.

    • You’re so right. Yes a year’s maternity leave is pretty normal in the UK, although generally only 9 months is paid (and not full pay – but it depends on the company you work for). In reality I went back doing bits and pieces at work after 5 months, but that was my choice and it was only a couple of days here and there. Dads get 2 weeks paternity leave but they’re looking at changing the law so dads and mums can split the year between them if they like. The fun definitely begins after the first year though!

  17. Oh I just can’t wait until playing involves more than shoving things into her mouth. That blue patch in your grass is your garden’s happy memory.

  18. granny from the north

    Frog is just like me! colouring and painting is a lifelong enjoyment, if only we could continue with such gay abandon!

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