Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday



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28 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Not long until she’ll be wanting her own, I’m sure.

  2. Love her outfit! And she has excellent taste in gadgets!

  3. Ha ha, like mother like daughter?

  4. sweetness! like Helloooooo, I’m on the phone?! xx

  5. hahaha, bless her…so cute x

  6. What is it with babies and iPhones?? I’m so glad The Boyfriend taught The Baby how to do the slidey unlocky thing on mine…. Beautiful picture, scary sight into the future tho maybe!x

  7. granny from the north

    Love the waistcoat!!! XXX

  8. Haha what is it about babies and phone?! Iyla hold everything up to her ear and says ‘hurro’! I don’t even know where she learnt it from! (I really don’t speak on my phone that often!) I surprised they haven’t brought out a pre-teen iphone. Scary how young they are going to be wanting them! x

    • It’s hilarious how much they copy isn’t it? F sat at my computer yesterday typing away on the keyboard and moving the mouse every so often, before picking up the phone to make an important business call. She’s only 15 months – scary what she’ll be like in a few years! x

  9. it’s all rush, rush, rush!! I can’t do it now mum I’m on the phone LOL 🙂

  10. This is a bit too convincing. I think she really is taking a call and planning her next merger and acquisition 😉

  11. Expat Mammy

    catching up on her calls I see, she’s a busy wee girl

  12. Aw! Adorable! Does she “say” anything, or just listen? Li’l D just repeats, “Heno? Heno?” endlessly, apart from occasionally flipping the phone around and narrating what he believes he’s showing Gramma and/or Daddy. :p

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