I’ve been unfaithful

I’ve been cheating recently. I’m not proud of it – it’s not big and it’s not clever.

I was feeling a little tired, you see. Taken for granted, if you will. I felt like we just needed a break, to give us both time to grow.

And that break has worked wonders. Because, thankfully, the relationship is back on track.

Yep, you guessed it, my love affair with cloth nappies has been rekindled. After a completely content period with Bambino Mio nappies, Frog decided to get bigger, as babies do (how selfish of her). Which meant that none of her Bambino Mio nappy covers fit.

So the offer to review a set of Baba and Boo reusable nappies couldn’t have come at a better time. I was feeling guilty at turning my back on cloth in favour of disposables again. I knew it was just a matter of time before the cloth relationship would be too broken to fix.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an eco warrior. Yes I care about the environment, we recycle and “do our bit”, but I don’t grow all my own veg and as much as I love organic, I’d often rather spend those few extra pennies on wine than a bunch of posh carrots.

But the thing about cloth nappies, is that they save you money. Always a sucker for a bargain, the promise of a few extra quid in my pocket each week was a rather attractive one. And lo, the cloth love was born.

So it rather hurt to go back to disposables, albeit for a brief period. I could see my hard-earned cash being, quite literally, pissed away. Every nappy that went in the bin was the equivalent to a sip of wine or a mouthful of those posh carrots.

As well as a thrifty soul, though, I’m also rather a lazy one. I don’t like to faff about when it comes to nappy changes, especially now Frog has become an expert in the art of escaping during a nappy change. So the Baba and Boo nappies went down a treat.

They’re exceptionally easy to use, with a simple piece of cloth which you stuff inside the fleecey nappy cover, like so:

So easy, even I can do it

Once stuffed, you just have to secure the nappy in place. The press stud idea is an ingenius one because it stops the nappy sliding off, is adjustable as your baby grows and can’t be removed by inquisitive little hands:

You can't more trendy than this number

They’re also rather pretty, with funky designs like the one above for the most discerning fashionistas. And they’re soft to the touch, without being bulky. I think you’ll agree Frog’s little behind is far from J-Lo-esque:

No sign of J-Lo here


Baba and Boo reusable nappies are available to order online from the Baba and Boo website. Prices start from £8.75.

Disclaimer: I received no payment for this post but I did get two Baba and Boo Series II nappies to review. And really rather good they were too.





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6 responses to “I’ve been unfaithful

  1. Oh my I have just transferred to same nappies but bought from a different retailer!

    I love cloth!


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  3. I‘ve been thinking of trying Baba and Boo nappies…I need a few more nappies and they‘re far cheaper than other pockets, so good to read of someone getting on with them, think I‘ll definitely give them a try. More money for wine is never a bad thing!

  4. Ah they’re gorgeous. We mainly use terry squares with covers but I have got a few like these somewhere knocking about. It’ll be good to try this brand at some point to add to our repertoire – great for times when folding just doesn’t cut it.

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