A discovery of parts

My daughter has just found out she is a girl.

It hasn’t been an instant discovery.

There was the fascination with her hands when she was around six months old, with the constant inspection of her fingers. And then came the perusal of her feet and examination of each toe. Each day brings a new discovery of body part, which occupies my 15 month old daughter for a good few hours.

And now we appear to have moved on to a new area.

It started a month or so ago. In the bath Frog looked down and – bam! There it was. Sitting right between her legs. Almost as if it had been there all the time and she’d only just noticed it. She prodded it for a while before moving on to another task. And it looked like she’d forgotten about her new discovery.

But then yesterday the three year old boy from next door came round to play. After around an hour he whipped off his trousers and pants before jumping up and shouting, “Ta daaaa!”

And Frog was fascinated, not to mention a little bit peeved. She couldn’t take her eyes off the new display in front of her. It’s fair to say she was green with envy.

Later that night, Frog spent a good twenty minutes examining her own in-between-the-legs area (I’m aware that is a rubbish way to refer to it – we still haven’t decided on a “name”). And then she cried. And cried and cried and cried.

If she could talk I know she’d be wailing, “But I don’t want to be a girl!”

And so, at 15 months old, my child has already learned one of life’s cruel lessons. I now have to try to persuade her why being a girl really isn’t so bad afterall.

This could be tricky.


A rather peeved Frog



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15 responses to “A discovery of parts

  1. DSW

    I remember my Dd discovering her lady parts ( we call it a minnie) – she came running in proudly displaying what she had found down there. I explained that all girls even mummy had those things – then she asked to have a look!!! LOL!! ( I said later – but later hasn’t arrived yet!!!)

    • Ha ha, I love that she asked for a peek – kids are so funny. It’s fascinating really, to see them discovering their own bodies. F was as excited about her discovery as she is at the park – and that’s saying something!

  2. Hehe aww that’s so funny! Ladies parts are much prettier than boy bits.. Do you think she’ll believe that?

  3. might be a bit early to explain the advantage of not having sweaty balls / involuntary erections! lol x

  4. She can wear skirts! And pink! And sparkly stuff! How’s that? (Also we call it a wee-wa, as the male counterpart is a wee-wee).

    • I’m thinking the skirt thing may not persuade her at the moment, as I keep finding her taking off her skirts because they hinder her speed crawling. Although the sparkly argument could do the trick. Loving the “wee-wa” – never come across that term before!

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  6. Expat Mammy

    Hahahha, LPV practically pulls his widgey (really don’t no how that name came about) off in the bath

  7. Haha! I’m about to blog about lady bits too actually! My little cousins recently couldn’t get over how strange Talitha’s “penis” is. Amazing how fascinating it all is. I guess we never really lose our fascination with our happy bits.

  8. I have only sons but still needed a name for lady bits since, you know, they exist. Having absolutely no idea what to go for, we ended up with “vulva” due to the fact that since everything sounded weird anyway we might as well go with weird and anatomically correct. Does sound strange when used in conversation though.

    • It may sound strange but I think it’s hilarious. I don’t know why the actual name for something should sound funnier than a fluffy nickname, but it does. I remember a girl at school once called hers a “crevice”. Still makes me laugh now.

  9. I was in Frog’s camp to start, but I’ve learned to love being a girl over . . . let’s just call it weeks, not years. *cough*

    I wish I could ask my mom for tips!

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