The box of treasure that isn’t really treasure

Frog has a new toy. It cost me, well, let’s just say it was very very cheap. As cheap as a box of treasure comes, in fact.

At nearly 16 months, my daughter has decided she’s not particularly interested in toys any more. She’d rather play with real stuff. It doesn’t really matter what stuff, as long as it’s stuff.

Useful stuff is best; a bowl, a wooden spoon, some pegs. Anything that isn’t a real toy and which I’m likely to need within the next half an hour.

So we decided to make a box of treasure. A box of treasure, filled with real stuff. The benefits to this are threefold:

1) Actually making the treasure box occupied my easily-bored child for a good half an hour.

2) Playing with the stuff in the treasure box provided yet more time when she was occupied.

3) It meant she kept her chubby little hands out of my cupboards for a good, oh, half an hour at least.

Painting the box of treasure

More painting...

Filling the box of treasure

More filling...

Discovering the box of treasure

Playing with the box of treasure

Warning: Only exceedingly rich and talented parents may create such an incredible treasure box, due to the hugely expensive contents and lovingly painted interior. Obviously.

Contents include: A pair of gardening gloves, some conkers, a few shells, a couple of walnuts, some scraps of fabric, a teaspoon, a lemon juicer, a luggage label, two painted toilet rolls.

All very expensive, I’m sure you’ll agree.




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15 responses to “The box of treasure that isn’t really treasure

  1. Very cute! The simple things are the best!

  2. We have treasure baskets that bring endless amusement to all in the Edspire household x

  3. There are actually people selling ready made “Treasure Baskets” for the mum who is too rich/busy to make her own! 😉

  4. I will MORE than gladly take the blame for this one (as per your tweet). I love your treasure box of real things! How wonderful indeed 🙂 so creative!

    Maggy xxx

    • I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say it’s creative – but it’s a step in the right direction I suppose. Anything to keep her away from the cheese grater in the cupboard!

  5. What a fab idea! I can’t wait until Iyla is a bit old and we can paint things! I will definitely be making one of these boxes – the price of toys these days is an absolute joke and like you said, they don’t want to play with them anyway! x

  6. Oh I love this idea! My little one who is a similar age currently alternates between removing the oils/vinegars/spices from there rightful place and attempting to stack them, and opening the oven and pulling out all the trays then putting them back. He needs a treasure box! I’ve given up a bit on my blog, mainly because we haven’t had the internet for months, but I have very much enjoyed reading all about Frog’s antics on my phone. Keep up the fantastic work! x

  7. granny from the north

    Priceless! XX

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