Are baby products too pricey?

When I was huge and big and pregnant, I was tempted to go out and spend my annual salary on baby stuff. There were changing stations and pretty baby grows and beautiful cots and educational toys and trendy highchairs and, oh the cutest little shoes.

But I didn’t. Spend all my money that is.

Instead, we got a lot of the things we needed from Freecycle, Gumtree, second-hand sales and presents from family. We decided to save the money we would have spent on things, to use for experiences instead. The cash went on swimming lessons, a family holiday, baby sensory classes and baby music sessions. And I don’t regret it for a minute.

But if I had the time again there are a few items I would have splashed out on. The only clothes I really bought Frog were a collection of Baby Boden outfits. Hugely expensive, but beautiful and very very special. If we were loaded I would have bought all her clothes from there. We also ended up ditching the free highchair and investing in a Stokke lookalike from Baby Dan, but if money was no object I would have gone Stokke all the way. That Tripp Trapp is to die for.

So I’m a bit miffed that BuyaPowa has only just come in to my life. It’s a fantastic website that lets people group together to buy stuff in bulk, meaning you can achieve a brilliant discount. It’s called “co-buying” and it’s amazing. Seriously. Just like retailers buy stuff in the hundreds and get a discount, you can too. And the best thing? You get to request what products BuyaPowa secure for co-buys. That Tripp Trapp? Consider it sorted. Those expensive wooden toys? Consider them affordable. That Moby sling? It’s a bargain! Whatever product you’ve been lusting after is suddenly within reach.

At the moment, there are two co-buys you might want to know about. The first is the Organic Monkey baby care gift set:

The second is the Snazaroo Halloween face painting kit (I have it on good authority you don’t just have to use this on the kids):

And remember, the more people who club together to buy these products, the cheaper they will be. Every co-buy has three price drops, which work like so:

1 person – 24 people: Opening price – below RRP and roughly comparable with Amazon prices

25 people – 49 people: first price drops

50 people – 74 people: second price drop

75 people – 100 people: third and final price drop

And that’s not all. If you get more people in on the deal than anyone else, you’ll get the product for free.

So what I want to know is, what is the one product you’d like to see made to an affordable price? I’m talking baby stuff here. I’ll get the ball rolling to start off with. I’d like to see some beautiful organic cotton pyjamas (age 12-18 months) and a collection of wooden toys. Just in time for Christmas please. Oh, and a brilliant little person’s kitchen. And some wooden building cubes. Anything else? Ah go on then – shove that Tripp Trapp on the list too.

Now what must-have product would you like to see reduced to an affordable price?


You can find out more about BuyaPowa, on their website, or by following them on Twitter or becoming a fan of their Facebook page. You can make a request for a reduction a specific product on their request page.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, for which I received payment. But you know me, I don’t put anything on this blog that I wouldn’t go for myself, so rest assured this is one fabulous website. And they really do want to know what baby stuff we want on the cheap. So let me know your dream product that’s just out of reach and you never know, maybe it’ll be within touching distance very soon.



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10 responses to “Are baby products too pricey?

  1. I’d love to see a doll’s pram, suitable from 12months

  2. That is very clever. I’d like to see totally luxe blankets reducing in price. And Brio. That’s a toy rather than a baby thing per se, but it is blimmin expensive.

  3. What about one of those amazing pedal cars that look like the real thing only smaller? My husband is longing to see our little boy buzzing around in one of those but they retail at about £150 or more which is a bit too pricey – however much the men in my life would like it. Great idea – thanks for pointing it out.

    • Oh wow, I’ve not seen one of those. I’ve been hankering after a ride-on for ages but can’t bring myself to spend the £100+ that they cost. Here’s hoping BuyaPowa find us a good deal!

  4. We freecycled and gumtreed it as well but there are dome things you’d only buy new. I’d like to see a double pump on co-buy. Those things are so expensive and I know loads of people who settle for a single (like me) when they actually need a double.

  5. I’d love to see more availability of Sensory Activity toys and equipment for babies to the public at affordable prices, not just for suppliers.

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