Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday



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28 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. ooooh, thats a good pumpkin, and a cute little Frog! x

  2. Adorable! Also, it makes me think that what I ought be doing now is looking up pumpkin patches and finding one to visit with Li’l D today! ♥

  3. Awww such a cutie! And some mean pumpkin carving skillz!

  4. Two great little pumpkins! He looks unsure doesn’t he, but how adorable! x

  5. Sorry honey..she, did the classic that people do with my daughter…short hair, must be a boy! Sorry xx

    • Ha ha ha, it’s cos she’s dressed like a spider! And yes, the short hair thing means she often gets mistaken for a boy. Didn’t help that I took her to the barber’s for a haircut! xx

  6. Oh, she wants it! Don’t touch missy, hot hot burny!

  7. I think she appreciates your efforts!

  8. Expat Mammy

    happy halloween cutie pie.x

  9. Adorable! And your pumpking is pretty impressive, mine are interestingly rubbish! x

  10. She looks impressed! Verrrry cute 🙂

  11. lovely pic… we did pumpkins too x

  12. actuallymummy

    Looks worried! Hope the trick or treating goes well 😉

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