What’s wrong with a messy house anyway?

Before I became a mum I liked things to be tidy. “Just so”.

I’d make my bed as soon as I got out of it in the morning. There was rarely a film of dust covering the TV. I even cleaned the kitchen floor if the mood so took me.

It got worse when I was pregnant.

I embraced the “nesting period” with gusto. With a baby way past her due date and little else to do I scrubbed that kitchen floor until it shone. And then I hoovered. And dusted. And hoovered some more. My house was sparkling.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to find I didn’t really give a rat’s arse about cleaning once the baby arrived. I had far more important things to do, like master the art of getting my nipple in her mouth without squirting milk everywhere. And sleep. Sleep was very important.

But as I started to emerge from the haze of the newborn days, I thought I should probably try and get the house into some sort of order. I mean, I’m just sitting around on my bum all day doing nothing much else aren’t I? The least I can do is clean the floor. *Snort*

The thing is, my house is messy. Not to the point of destruction, but it’s far from sparkly. There are crayons on the carpet and flour on the floor. There’s evidence of a small ball of destruction inquisitive person in every room.

And I like it that way.

You can shove your sparkly kitchen floor. We’d rather make a mess and have some fun any day…

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12 responses to “What’s wrong with a messy house anyway?

  1. I can live in our mess but the husband can’t. Makes life tricky…!

    • Sounds like a familiar scenario…we’re the same. I try and explain the mess is evidence of a day spent playing and doing fun stuff. He’s slowly coming around. Ironic really as his desk and work area is the messiest part of the house by far!

  2. Hear hear!! My house has been a mess for the past 10 months and my baby only started getting mobile about 4 months ago. It does make me wonder what the hell I did with all my time before he was mobile. Then I remember I was either trying to catch up on sleep or he was was having a feed!

  3. My house is always a mess these days! I have washing piles that never seem to get any smaller and toys everywhere. To be honest, I don’t know how anyone finds the time to have a clean house when they kids! X

  4. That’s how it worked for me, as well. The time passes so quickly, I just can’t invest myself in tidying the way I used to. When it comes to the question, “Write, spend time with my son, walk or clean?” Well, “clean” is easy to hack off the list!

  5. Expat Mammy

    expatdaddy is messy anyway so we live in complete mess and were happy

  6. since you are embracing the mess would you like my dog? she is very messy

  7. granny from the north

    I think you are really a tidy person – look at the newspaper! X

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