Five reasons why Downton Abbey is the best show on TV

The best show on TV?

Today is a dark day. I am in mourning. Because last night saw the last in the series of the brilliant Downton Abbey; a show which has changed my Sunday evenings and caused many a disagreement with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine over which channel we should watch come 9pm.

So, in tribute to the show, I bring you five reasons why Downton Abbey is (or was) the best show on TV:

1. The characters

From nobel Mr Bates to the sharp and sarcastic Dowager Countess of Grantham (or “Granny”), there’s a character for everyone. Although living in a different age, in a very different world, these characters are incredibly relatable. It’s easy to see some of their traits in people we know in real life, today.

Plus, the way the characters interact with each other, between classes and social ranks, makes for addictive viewing.

My favourite character

2. The plots

Apparently Downton Abbey’s come under fire from “die hard” fans this series for racing through the storylines and having hefty lapses in time between each episode. I disagree.

The plots have given pace to the series, leaving the audience wanting more at the end of each episode. Looking at the twisting storylines, you’d be forgiven for taking this show as a thriller, rather than a costume drama. And as a fan of thrillers, I only think this is a good thing.

3. The costumes

And speaking of costumes, did you see those dresses Lady Mary wore to dinner each night? *Swoon*.

The sparkles, the cuts, the gloves. Gorgeous.

Swoonsome outfits

4. The love

I’m a sucker for a bit of love, me. This is revealed in my truly terrible taste in films (The Notebook, anyone?).  So it’s unsurprising that I’ve been won over by the love affair between Mr Bates and Anna, and the “will they, won’t they get it on?” storyline between Lady Mary and Matthew. (And on that note can I just say, seriously Matthew – get a grip.)

5. The scheduling

Costume dramas were made for Sunday night viewing. There’s something about the familiarity of a weekly treat that makes the end of the weekend more bearable. And it’s the memories it evokes of snuggling up on the sofa with my mum to watch Pride and Prejudice on a Sunday night (I was clearly one of the cool kids).

Comfort TV at its best.

Downton Abbey, you will be missed. *Sob*



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18 responses to “Five reasons why Downton Abbey is the best show on TV

  1. At least Rev is starting again, even if the costumes aren’t quite so grabby. Inexplicably, my favourite character is O’Brien.

  2. Jane Clarke

    I wonder what the terrible secret is that the O’Brian tried to tell Cora. I thought Thomas was going to poison Carson, by putting something in his milk! what a dreadful man Thomas is. Can’t wait till the next series.

  3. I’ve never watched it, costume dramas usually give me the creeps because of the strange accents everyone adopts. I’m sure I would be hooked if I’d given it a chance, have you been to visit Highclere yet? : )

    • Not yet, but I definitely want to now. I missed the first series of Downton but found it so easy to pick up with the second it didn’t matter. It’s addictive viewing – and Maggie Smith is BRILLIANT!

  4. Erica

    Agree 100%!
    Sometimes i’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong time….I would love to wear those dresses!!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes to all though I’m not a fan of thrillers and felt as though I’d run a marathon by the end of each episode. And the coincidences and cliches were too cheesey, even for a die-hard sofa-bound Sunday nighter. I’ll miss it, but hope they slow down a bit for the next series.

  6. See, I just can’t do costume dramas as they really irritate me – Gosford Park is the only film I’ve walked out of in the cinema. Well, actually Chicago too but that’s a different story. I hear so much good stuff about Downton Abbey I’ve wondered what all the fuss is about, it’s clearly touched a lot of people.

    p.s. I LOVE the word swoonsome and shall try to use it today in a sentence.

    • I haven’t seen Gosford Park but I bet it’s the kind of film I’d like! If you get the chance to give Downton a try you should – it’s brilliant!

      And I shall try to include the word “swoonsome” more often, if it makes you happy. x

  7. Oh totally agreed! I love a good costume drama and particularly Downton. I have a major crush on Matthew and LOVE Lady Mary’s dresses. I am so glad that ITV have commissioned a 3rd series!

  8. granny from the north

    OMG you mean it’s not on tomorrow?!!
    I live for Downton @sunday evenings and re-live every episode at least twice with iplayer and my laptop in bed! Thanks for ruining my weekend!XXX
    PS quite like Garrows law

  9. granny from the north

    And the piano music at the beginning…will really miss that

  10. granny from the north

    and dont forget the soap on the floor…and the slip…this mistake will surely surface and ruin!XX

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