Something I am proud of

There are only three people in this world who can simultaneously make me tear my hair out in frustration while laughing: my sister, the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and Frog.

She’s only 17 months but boy, that girl can play me. She rolls over with squeaks of delight when it’s time for a nappy change. She looks at me with a cheeky glint in her eye as she deliberately feeds food off her plate to next door’s dog. She delights in taking Every. Single. Book off the book shelf and then coming to find me to proudly show off her handiwork. Like I said, hair tearing frustration, but also a little bit funny.

I’m proud of this girl of mine. I made her, grew her and have been the main person to look after her for the last 17 months. She is now a confident, non-walking, stubborn, bright, comedian, with a penchant for Wind the Bobbin and making “woof” noises.

Things are going to change in January. She will take her next step into the wide world, without me at her side every minute of the day. But I’m proud of the non-toddling toddler she is and the little girl she is becoming.

And I’m proud of myself for being her mum.


This is my entry for this week’s Gallery, where the theme is “Something I Am Proud Of”. Head over to Sticky Fingers to see the rest.



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16 responses to “Something I am proud of

  1. Oh little baby feet – scrummy!

    Walking is over rated anyway – seriously if I could get away with not having to do it I would – Frog is one clever girl 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. You must print these off and show her when she is older. That would make a great 18th birthday pressie wouldn’t it?!

  3. And we are so very proud of you too!

  4. Lovely post. Some days I read you blog and then look at my 11 month old. You are giving me visions of what I need to expect! Love the photo.

  5. I love that photo!
    I have a 16 month old that has the same book removing habit – he’s a little rascal but I love him dearly.
    Mother’s pride is something we all should experience.

  6. Walking is hard work.
    Love the baby foot.

  7. granny of the north

    The interest and delight in books is an amazing and conversely! natural trait that all children have. Difference is that you have space and time in your home for exploration and experimentation and love! xxx

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