I have some news…

No, I’m not pregnant.

But I will be experiencing excruciatingly early mornings very soon.

Because I’ve gone and got myself a new job. A new job that involves getting up at 4am. A new job that involves listening to lots of Take That. A new job that involves chatting. A new job that involves laughing – a lot. A new job that has “dream” written all over it (apart from the 4am alarm call, obviously).

I’m going to be the new co-presenter on the breakfast show on Heart, in Wiltshire. This means life is going to change dramatically in January. Both for me and the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine – as well as Frog.

My new job means Frog won’t see me in the mornings, apart from at weekends. Instead, she’ll be whisked off to a new childminder, conveniently situated on her dad’s way to work. But come lunchtime, she’ll get her mum back again. For the whole afternoon.

My new job also means there’ll be less juggling, although I’ll still have a couple of features to write every month, along with a bit of copywriting and social media work. But this is nothing compared to the ten balls I’ve had up in the air recently (oh stop with your rudeness!) – and none of the other work will be done while Frog is awake.

As for sleep – we’ll have to work something out. Sleep and I have a rather close relationship, so I’m not willing to turn my back on it just yet. I guess it’ll just mean earlier nights and less Twitter. Oh well.

Anyway, this is the bit where I ask for your advice again.

I want to hear from working mums (the “BOTTOM” types – Bugger Off To The Office Mums –  in the words of that wise Northern Mum). And shift mums (I couldn’t think of a witty acronym for this one – take it literally) who work early mornings and nights and everything in between.

I want to hear from dads who do the morning drill and take the children to school / nursery / childminder / grandparents / anywhere else children go when their parents go to work.

In short, I want to hear from anyone who has experience and advice to share about making working work. For your family and for yourself.

Now excuse me while I go and enjoy a glass of cold fizz and toast my new job. Did I tell you I have a new job?




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57 responses to “I have some news…

  1. Expat Mammy

    wow congrats, fab news

  2. Wow, well done! That’s fab news.

  3. Can’t help with the advice, other than neglect everything domestic that you possibly can – and that’s probably a lot more than you think – and buy a really decent alarm clock. Congratulations and good luck.

  4. well, i bugger off to the office every day and have done since W was 4months old (he’s 10 next week) and I won’t lie: it’s hard, you’ll have moments when you become resentful whether that be at the job, the childminder, your husband, the part time lady in the shop (trust me), or at yourself when you accidentally find pleasure in a quiet coffee before going home. But it will be worth it. You’ll find a routine in a few weeks – aim for the long term.

    and congrats 😀

    • Long live routine! I’m hoping it’ll fall into place after a few weeks. Also quite pleased I get to avoid the morning panic of dropping off to the childminder (or forgetting and taking child to work, as I have been known to do!).

  5. Congrats! Sounds fabulous! Don’t envy you the 4am wake up calls though!

    • I’m not going to lie – they will be tough. But at least I’ll be getting up for a job I love and I’ll still have the afternoon with Frog. Time to invest in some heavy-duty concealer for those bags I think!

  6. That is amazing news! Congratulations to you indeed 🙂 *raises gin*

  7. Phew the secret was killing me! Well bloody done x

  8. No advice but congrats on the new job! 🙂 x

  9. Oh wow I know that radio station! (being a northerner). Congratulations!!!!! That sounds really exciting! Hope it’s a lot of fun, it definitely sounds like it is.

  10. This is BRILLIANT – CONGRATS!! – I am SO JEALOUS!! I LOVE doing radio (been a guest a couple of times and a returning quiz winner for a few days) as it’s one place where I can relax and talk and talk and talk and talk!!

  11. Huuuuuge congratulations!! Also huge commiserations on the 4am start. Eeek. Only advice I have is to be as organised as possible the evening before so that the NLM doesn’t have a mad panic when trying to get Frog to the childminder. Trust me it’s much better to pack their bag yourself. Also your house may look like a pigsty most of the week but as you both work, it means housework should be shared equally too. At least that’s what I tell The Boyfriend and it means he does the cooking and the dishes on nights that he doesn’t work x

  12. Again no advice here and I think you are so brave doing early mornings! But very well done you! what a FAB job 🙂 x

  13. dont envy your early start but huge congratulations

  14. Wow fab news, well done! x

  15. Trina

    Hooray Molly!!!! Welcome back to the breakfast club!xx

  16. YAY for you and your new job. You got a new job, right? My advice: sleep in on weekends and everything else will sport itself out!

  17. Yay, well done lovely!! So happy for you. xx

  18. Big congratulations Molly. That is super fab news.

    I ave always worked p/t since I had my kids and that has meant mornings when dh got the kids to school on his own as I was at work earlier than hima nd days when he stayed howm & die the childcare when the girls were little.

    Stay flexible & keep talking. We flexed our childcare every time the kids changed ages & stages. At some points dh worked on a Sat every week & had ever Tues off with the kids.

    I just always made sure I had the clothes downstairs & ready for him to dress them in the morning and any bags they need packed.

    It will all work out fne.

    Mich x

    • Yay for flexibility! And I agree – talking is hugely important. Even if I do sometimes feel like I’m muttering away to myself in the corner while the husband pretends to listen….

  19. Congrats. I wrote a post about my guide to working once. Tweet me if you want it. Mostly, it seems impossible but it is achievable but 4am starts? Do you really need sleep?

  20. Clever lady! Pity I won’t be able to listen to you though 😦

  21. I’m reading blogs today for the first time in a few days–although, granted, I might have read one or two and forgotten about it with my memory!–and this post is pure delight to catch up on! CONGRATS!

    I remember crying through most of my drive time the first two weeks back. After that, I found a greater appreciation in the time I do have with my son, and also greater appreciation for my time at the office. I do honestly wish it were less time so I could spend a bit more with Li’l D, but I relish the weekends like no one’s business!

    Did I mention the “congrats” part?!

  22. Amazing news congratulations!

  23. CONGRATS! that is fabulous news! well done.

  24. Good news!
    You’ll be great!
    It will take some adjusting to, so don’t expect plain sailing at first. Once you get into the stride, you’ll be fine. Talk to ‘Sooze’ at Radio Berks for advice, as she has 2 children, one only 10 months old. I have been doing a health panel slot once a month with her, she’s really nice.

  25. Kara Guppy

    Congratulations on the new job!!
    I used to work really unsociable hours and the only way it works is if your jobs fit in around each other. Ours worked well for a time but then hubby for promoted as an out of hours manager which meant we could not balance our work.
    It sounds like you have everything worked out so you should be just fine. Good luck with the 4am starts – don’t envy you that!!

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  27. Wow, that really does sound like a dream job. Well done! I so couldn’t do the 4am…though I do do it now…

  28. Congratulations!! *chinks glass* Will you still mix with us mere mortals when you’re all famous’d up?

  29. That’s great news about the job – congratulations. And it sound perfect being able to spend the afternoons with Frog. xx

    • It will be a shock to the system to be back to 4am starts but should be fine once the routine kicks in. Plus I’ll get weekends off which is more than I can say at the moment!

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