My house no longer smells like a toilet

And here’s why:

This is a wet bag from Bum Deal Nappies.

When we switched to cloth earlier this year, I had no idea these things existed. So I bought a bucket and chucked the offending items in there.

But then the lid to the bucket went walkabout and we were left with a not-so-pleasant smell wafting from the bathroom.

Cloth nappies are great. They save you money, they’re pretty and they’re easy to use. But only if you’re organised and have the (minimal) gear.

A wet bag has now been added to my booty of gear and I’m in love with cloth again. I’ve even started braving trips to the supermarket in cloth (or rather, Frog has).

An achievement indeed.


This is a review post. Wet bags are available to buy from Bum Deal Nappies from £2.45.



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6 responses to “My house no longer smells like a toilet

  1. Do you not have to soak them then? Sounds good to me.. x

    • I just chuck them in the bag and wash them at the end of the day. They can go in a 30 degree wash with other clothes if you put a scoop of nappy sanitizer in the drawer of the washing machine. Simples.

  2. Do they really stop the smell? Do you not need sanitiser, so many questions but we use real nappies and I am yet to try these… @Bobbity666

  3. Thanks for this, will invest in one I think. Am going cloth with the new baby and oh is not convinced so far! XxX

    • Mine wasn’t either at first. I think there are lots of preconceptions about cloth, hailing from how they used to be. But cloth nappies have come far and they’re a long way from when we were kids!

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