I’m giving my daughter a pet for Christmas

I know this is against all the rules of animal ownership. Having recently covered a story on huge demand for places at a nearby animal shelter, I’m aware people can be fickle when it comes to new pets at this time of year.

But I’m going to do it anyway. I’m giving my daughter a pet for Christmas.

Not just any pet, you understand. My child deserves the best of the best. She’s getting a giraffe. And not just any giraffe either – a pink and white striped one.

At the moment, he lives under our Christmas tree, hiding in wait for Frog on the morning of the 25th December…

But in the evenings, once Frog is safely tucked away in bed, he occasionally comes out of his hiding plac and entertains us with a dance or two….

Our giraffe hails from the land of Jelly Kitten, and spent his formative years learning his dancing trade at Hello Baby.

He is soft, with beautiful bangles on his feet, perfect for accompanying percussion as he dances (or is waved about by an excited Christmas Day toddler). He is incredibly flexible too, which is handy really because it means he can bust out some of those trickier moves. And he has a wonderful accessory sewn into his neck, which allows parents to fasten him to the side of cots as he dances their baby to sleep.

We love him. And so will Frog.


This is a review post. You can buy the Jelly Kitten Giraffe from Hello Baby for £10.99



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13 responses to “I’m giving my daughter a pet for Christmas

  1. Aww, your giraffe is the best present a lil girl could ask for. Soo cute and the best kind of pet ever, one that makes no mess!!!!

  2. I haven’t used this word for a while, but he is …..lush!


    I love jelly Kitten stuff

  4. Ghislaine Forbes

    Tell Jane there is no room in her house for more stuffed toys; it’s already full of Harrods Teddy Bears! ma x

  5. Esther sleeps with a Jelly Giraffe every night and William has a Zebra. Beautiful toys x

  6. Haha stuffed pets are def the best type! X

  7. granny from the north

    Jellycat is a long term relationship. We bought a Polar bear rug courtesy of jelly cat with the head and everything…so cuddlyX

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