A bad house guest

Life is soon to get a whole lot easier. You see, an unwanted visitor will soon be making a disappearance. For another year at least.

This visitor makes me stressed, causes arguments between myself and my husband and winds up my daughter a treat.

This visitor picks one moment during Every. Single. Day to wave their hands and shout “Cooeeee, I’m over here!” before taunting my soon-to-be 18 month old with a big fat raspberry.This causes tears and shouts of indignation on her part, followed by angry grumbles from the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and protective snarls from me.

Every time this visitor gives my daughter a present, quite understandably my greedy child wants another. But this mean visitor withholds said present until the following day. Which causes anger, frustration and lots and lots of noise.

And then the same sorry episode is repeated at promptly the same time the next day. And every day after that.

But not for much longer. No Siree.

I’m sick of the visitor.

The visitor has to go…



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16 responses to “A bad house guest

  1. He he bb is obsessed also x

  2. I can so relate to this one. We have a given up. I now eat the chocolate. x

  3. Am full of gleeful Schadenfreude. Endure all manner of reproaches from my kids because I refuse to buy them one with treats in. A thumbnail sketch is all they get – until Santa.

  4. Same here, a pack of hair clips is apparently not as good as a chocolate coin….Z and S have also starting swapping…

  5. Lovely post – cheered me right up! We managed to stay away from the chocolate version until oldest boy was 4, youngest son was only 2 but wasn’t that interested in chocolate, we had a lovely traditional nativity scene where you added a character a day – thought that would make for a nice family tradition. Hmm, not so, chocolate rules!
    No – Mummy rules! They only get to open the doors to the chocolate if the day has been a good day behaviour wise . . . it is not a given that they will get the treat . . . some doors still remain shut.
    Playmobil do a nice alternative, if rather more expensive, to chocolate treats.

  6. Expat Mammy

    ah the advent calendar, source of all evil……… Fortunately for forgot to pack LPV’s when we left my mam’s for amsterdam, he was like a demon with it

  7. Ahhh but it’s so lovely and you spent all that time making it! Iylas granny bought her a chocolate one but I hid it on top on the fridge – holding off on giving her daily chocolate for a bit longer! x

  8. Oh dear. I am grumpily banning advent calendars next year. The children have identical rubbishy chocolate ones, and argue every day about whose goes where on the table, who has opened their door first, who has had the nerve to say what the chocolate creature was before the other could open his/hers. And so on. Argh.

  9. Oh the art of delayed gratification – lost on a toddler! 😉

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