On becoming Radio Mum

Everything changes tomorrow. I’ll be ducking out of the early morning nappy battles and CBeebies sessions, swapping morning mum duties for getting behind a microphone. Tomorrow, I will become: Radio Mum.

Although the new show doesn’t actually start until the 9th of January, I have a few days to get Radio Mum down to a tee. In my head, Radio Mum swans into the studio looking all sleek, with a perfectly chosen outfit, manicured nails and glossy flowing Holly Willoughby-esque mane. Radio Mum is organised, having packed the baby’s change bag the night before, right before she laid out the baby’s clothes to save the husband a job in the morning. Radio Mum makes the tea as soon as she gets home from work at 1pm, ready to devote an entire afternoon to play with the baby and be Mum Extraordinaire.

But I’m a realist.

I know 4am starts aren’t particularly pretty, even if it’s to do a job that has dream written all over it. I know it will take every ounce of non-whingeing to take on an evening of further freelance feature writing and copywriting, after being jumped on by an 18 month old and battling Mother Guilt every step of the way.

So wish me luck. And remind me to stock up on the under-eye cream and only buy non-iron clothes from now on.




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29 responses to “On becoming Radio Mum

  1. Good luck lovely! You’ll be brilliant! xx

  2. Mistress Mummy

    4am! Jeez, wishing you all the good luck in the world. Hope you enjoy yourself

  3. Best of luck, you will be just fine I’m sure!x

  4. Expat Mammy

    good luck hun you will be absolutely fabby

  5. You will be brilliant, and the sacrifices will all be worth it. And I thought radio meant you didn’t have to worry about swanning in with hair all sleek and eyes all made up? Unless they’ve those sneaky webcams set up in the studio? Good luck!

  6. Good luck! You’ll be great.

    Being a realist is all good, but don’t forget to be excited. This job has “dream” written all over it, as you said, so bask in that glory (even if you’re doing it in non-ironed clothes).

  7. It’s radio. Pjs and Ugg boots sound good to me.. Best of luck – knock ’em dead!

  8. You haven’t been buying non-iron clothes for the past 18 months? I’m impressed. Good luck and give Mother Guilt a good kick up the arse.

  9. Good luck!! Can we listen to you up Norf?

  10. BREAK A LEG!!

    I’m so looking forward to hearing you online – or at least a clip of you – you’re living my life for me. But I’ve said that already 😀

    You’ll be FAB!!

  11. Wow what a great opportunity!! I’m sure you will love it and overlook the early mornings 🙂 Good luck x

  12. Go radio mum, you will be awesome and beautifully knackered, Chris moles should be trembling. X x

  13. I would say I’d think of you at 4am every day, but…Your fantasy super-organised Radio Mum sounds loathsome. Much prefer the sound of the real you! Good luck!

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