She still isn’t walking

This is my daughter’s preferred use of her walker.

At 18 months, she still isn’t walking – or even standing – on her own. We’ve had a couple of unaided runs with the walker and even one second yesterday where she looked like she might stand on her own (before toppling over), but that’s about it.

The thing is, I’m not worried yet. Well, that may be a bit of a lie. I’m not overly worried yet.

Frog’s father was 21 months before he was walking. But, unlike Frog, he was quite happy shuffling around on his backside until then and had shown no inclination of getting up on his two feet until, one day, he ran through the front room.

Frog has been crawling just over six months now. She’s been cruising round the furniture for the last three months. So when is she going to take that giant leap for Frogkind and stop holding on?

There appear to be two camps on the issue. The surprised ones, who raise both eyebrows in shock that my toddler still isn’t toddling, before questioning if there’s a problem with her feet or legs or development. And the ones who can regale you with stories of their own children crawling until they were long past the “acceptable” age. (I like the latter ones best.)

But in the meantime, while my daughter ponders her future on two feet, my back is getting more and more crooked by the day.

So, Frog, any time you feel like letting go of my hands – well, that’s good for me. After all, if I’m not holding your hands, it means they’re free to clap you.














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24 responses to “She still isn’t walking

  1. julesey10

    My boy didnt walk til a week before his 2nd birthday. I was panicking but as he crawled like the speed of light he just obviously saw no point. He didnt weight bear or anything. I’m sure there’s no reason for it other than she can get from A-B no bother without walking. clever girlie. lol xx

  2. Don’t worry, I’m sure she will walk when she feels like it! H just decided one day to walk across the room, there was no warning…I’m sure Frog will be the same. xx

  3. my daughter didn’t crawl until well after her 1st birthday & walk when she was 17mths….like Julesey says, why walk when you can crawl faster.
    she’s very cute though!

  4. In your own time Frog.
    They get there in the end. Is she more of a talker? Sometimes they put effort into one thing rather than the other.

  5. My son walked at 17 months old, once, then he realised he could get around faster by crawling so didn’t bother again until nearly 19 months! If I hadn’t had people with me I’d have thought I’d imagined the first steps! He didn’t even crawl properly until after his 1st birthday, until then he craweld commando style, dragging himself around on his belly! He’s 2 1/2 now and just runs everywhere now so don’t worry!

  6. She is perfect, why walk when you can hold hands! Xxx

    Bb has decided walking is well overrated and as a team we would both prefer than she hadn’t bothered x

  7. It’s always a worry when your child doesn’t learn a skill her peers have mastered. You’re very sensible not to agonise too much. I didn’t walk unsupported until I was past two. My parents expected me to waddle behind my wheels truck of bricks down the aisle on my wedding day. My son stood on his own two feet around 18 months but showed no inclination to rise from his push chair until nearly three. My advice is, if she reaches 33 and is still crawling, panic!

  8. It’s nothing you haven’t already heard, but don’t worry she will get there in her own time. The Baby was on her feet quite early but wouldn’t let go of hands at all, not even for furniture. She never did the sofa-cruising thing, she would only walk when someone had both her hands in theirs. Then one day, we went to the library for bounce and rhyme, and she stood up and walked across the room. That was that. No warning, no special day, she just did it. And I’ve no doubt Frog will be the same, she will just choose her day and do it. But beware…the less they move the easier life is. Promise x

    • Thank you! I can’t imagine her ever just getting up – but she’s surprised me in the past with her skills so anything’s possible. Perhaps she’s actually been covertly walking for the last 6 months and has just failed to display this fact? (On purpose.)

  9. Jane Clarke

    she will do it when she is good and ready, life is a challenge embrace it.

  10. Seems you are taking the best approach. When she’s ready and sees something exciting enough she’ll get a move on, lol. My son started walking when he turned a year, now at 14ths he trying to climb everything and anything, its great when our kids learn new life skills but it just ups the ante for us to keep them in one spot and safe.

  11. Once she starts walking, she’ll soon start running, in the opposite direction of wherever you want to go… just something to think about.

  12. Don’t let those “worried” parents bug you, your child will do whats right for your child 🙂 and im sure once she starts walking, you will be wishing for that little baby to hold in your arms again 🙂

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