What’s your best thing about being a mum?

For me, this is the best thing about being a mum. It’s those moments of pure glee, when your child does something that makes you laugh, or accepts a cuddle willingly.

I have to remind myself of this fact today, after a difficult afternoon with a grumpy baby. Generally, I would be able to handle the tantrums, but they become a little more tricky when you’ve been up since 3.45am.

We’re all getting used to the new routine that comes with my new job, Frog included.  This means tempers can become slightly frayed by 4pm, when all I want to do is sleep and all Frog wants to do is wreck the house / climb everywhere / put her fingers in plug sockets.

But these moments – when her face is covered in chocolate, or she learns a new word, or crawls over to give me a cuddle… Well, these moments make the harder ones all the more bearable.

What about you?
































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21 responses to “What’s your best thing about being a mum?

  1. Cor, is that you in the pic? You’re glam! Wasted on radio.

  2. well it’s certainly not potty training! I would say the moment that Jack climbs into my bed in the morning for a cuddle & tells me that I’m his best friend…….and then he goes downstairs for breakfast with Daddy & tells him the same….then big brother….and then big sister,……..and usually the hamster too!
    Gotta love ’em!

  3. What a gorgeous pair you are! (Though I’m not sure you could not quite get away with the chocolate dribble like Frog does, no offence). Today the best thing about being a Mum has been my babies talking to me. Giggle Monster (same age as Frog) is a little behind on his speech, in fact he has one word which he has only just learnt. ‘Dut’ (duck). My heart literally melts every time he says it. My 4 year old says to me before bed every night, “Mummy I love you soooooo much and you are the bestest and I just really love you morer.’ I’m a right softy, me. x PS Giggle Monster has also been a right whinge bag the last few days and is having tantrums over everything. Just so you know it’s not all rosy 🙂

  4. granny from the north

    Cant say one best thing…but …at moment as mum of three sons, having fantatsic daughter in laws and partners is certainly up there!
    Oh and the granddaughters …
    And the LOVE you get over the years….
    and so on XX

  5. Mistress Mummy

    Aww, stunners! Such sweet things your little one does, how lovely. Chocolate kisses? 😉

  6. Yeah I agree its the unexpected hug and kisses, or better yet, some times if my toddler and I are lying in bed he’ll blow raspberries on my tummy. When I giggle it spurs him on to continue, then we both laugh uncontrollably.

  7. mutteringsofafool

    It’s amazing isnt it how a few seconds like that can wipe away whole days of misery? For me the best thing about being a dad is when Matilda is excited when I come home. That she knows who I am and that her face lights up with a smile

    • That’s exactly what my husband says. And it’s what I’m learning now, picking Frog up from the childminder’s. That enthusiastic greeting is worth going to work for alone!

  8. My best thing is when I say to my oldest that I love him to infinity and beyond – then he answers “I love you to the end of everything”.
    I know he’ll become a moody teenager and probably find me embarrassing or hate my guts.
    But right now he’s 5 and to him I’m beautiful and the best mum in the world.
    He’ll learn – but not yet!

  9. We’re in my hometown visiting my new niece and nephew right now. At the end of the day (or near naptime), there’s lots of kicking, throwing and hitting, which is hard–as you said–on very little sleep. But then there are the moments like those where he asks to see his baby cousin, leans down and gives her a kiss, followed with “kiss the baby” where I don’t think life could be any better. Those moments make it worthwhile. ♥

  10. I have never felt so warm and fuzzy being a Mum as I have lately. My current favourite is when Beastie comes up to me and says ‘You’re the best!’ and more recently ‘I love you Mummy’. You wait so long to hear it and it doesn’t fail to melt your heart. At the moment he is also being very caring (with some monster tantrums on the side) and constantly asks are you ok Mummy? shall I kiss it better? be careful! awwww. I wonder how long it will last…x

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