How to get a yummy bum: Part II

When Frog was first born, my mum attempted to persuade me to use cloth nappies. “Yuck”, I replied. “What do you think I am? Some kind of hippy?”.

But after trying out the Bambino Mio two piece range during Real Nappy Week earlier this year (and finding that switching to cloth left more money for wine) I was a converted woman.

Re-enter Bambino Mio, with a brand new nappy. This one is even easier to use, as there’s no folding of cloth or any other such faff. The Bambino Miosolo is a one-piece nappy, with the lining and the nappy cover all attached. It has velcro fastenings and is a one-size fits all type of contraption. But more on that later.

We’re trying this new nappy out over the next few days and so far it’s a thumbs up. No leakages. No undoing of said velcro fastenings. No fuss.

If you want to try one out for yourself, those lovely people at Bambino Mio have given me a discount code to share with you, to give you 25% off a Miosolo nappy and a free 100g of Miofresh nappy sanitizer (meaning you can wash the cloth on a normal heat and save even more money for the beloved wine).

Just enter the code challenge at the checkout and the goodies are yours.

In the meantime, wish me luck with the nappies for the rest of the week – with an 18 month old who has decided she’d really rather be naked ALL THE TIME, it should be interesting.


DISCLAIMER: All views are my own, as ever. This is a review post.






















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6 responses to “How to get a yummy bum: Part II

  1. Ghislaine Forbes

    Teach me how to use them and I’ll dump the disposables in February. love ma x

  2. Mistress Mummy

    But what about when it comes to the washing part? I have images of a washing machine exploding and poo everywhere (I’m guessing it’s not like that really)

  3. Yes, it’s the washing part I’m curious about – how does it work? And are they really bulky?

    • They’re not really bulky, no. And in terms of washing, you just pop them on a normal cycle at 30 degrees with a scoop of the nappy sanitizer in the washing machine drawer. That means you don’t have to wash at a high temp. All the nasty stuff just goes down the toilet with the nappy liner. Honestly, it really isn’t a hassle. And that’s coming from one of the laziest women in the world, so it must be true!

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