On the reality of spectacular plans

I write this amidst a sea of toys and half-read books, socks and abandoned crayons.

We were going to do something today. I’m not sure what. Just, well, something.

Instead, we have spent the morning making a mess without really doing anything. The day is already half over and we’ve only made it to the end of the garden.

Weekends take on a new quality now I’m juggling the new job with everything else. We always plan to do something good. Something “quality family time” orientated. Something that involves effort and huge amounts of preparation.

And, yet again, we have failed.

Instead, somehow, time has slipped away from us today. Bed kept us all hostage (even the sleepy 18 month old) until at least 9am. The novelty of not getting dressed in a rush was too much to bear, as was the treat of eating breakfast together and not having to be out of the house when it’s still dark.

I blinked, and it was time for Frog’s nap. And, being the lazy child that she is, she’s still there. Sleeping.

So here we are, 2pm on a Saturday, and it’s already threatening to get dark soon.

Looks like the day trip is off the cards then.

At least we managed a spot of gardening though…



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24 responses to “On the reality of spectacular plans

  1. Sounds to me like you had the perfect family day, breakfast in bed and playing all day!

  2. My perfect day too! Who says you have to ‘do stuff’!

  3. The Fool

    Some days an adventure to the garden is enough, especially given how windy it is today. Definitely a hot chocolate on the sofa kind of afternoon

  4. A nap that lasts longer than 30 minutes? You’re already in my version of heaven. We left the house today. That’s definitely overrated.

  5. I always try to get out in the morning as I am so aware it is the little man’s best time of the day – when he has the most energy to run around so I hate it when I find myself (all too often) still doing my hair and make-up at 11am while he plays around my feet. Having said that, your morning sounds perfect – just what you needed perhaps? Very impressed by your early morning starts by the way. How are you doing it?!

  6. Ah sounds like a lovely day anyway! Jeez, 9am? Good Frog! 6.30 was a mega lie in this morning for The Giggle Monster!x

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend day to me……..surely that’s what these days are for?? 🙂

  8. It’s just struck 9 a.m. here and all three of us are in bed. We’d planned on a Disneyland adventure, but will end up instead with a day like most of our other days recently, which are very much like the one you’ve described here. 🙂

  9. Nice. I like days like that.

  10. Expat Mammy

    Sometimes you need those days

  11. Averagemummy

    I agree with other replies. Sounds perfect to me! Sometimes having a super family day, is just being a family at home. Without all the week day hassles and stresses.

  12. Sounds like my day yesterday. We always plan to do something but unless we decide on what we end up wasting the whole day inside. But I guess in years to come we will look back and wish we could relive these years! Maybe….x

  13. Sounds like a lovely day to me! and that photo of Frog is adorable. xx

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