The day my daughter was referred to the hospital

Frog has always had wonky feet.

The day she was born she came out all big feet and long skinny legs. She had Correctional Talipeze, meaning there wasn’t enough room for her long old feet in my womb, so they came out a bit like flippers.

Fast forward to today and at nearly 19 months Frog still isn’t walking.

I’ve attempted the Mother Earth approach. In fact, I’ve taken it too far.

So eager to take the “She’ll do it when she’s ready” path, I’ve deliberately shut my eyes to the fact Frog has very wonky feet and walks in a decidedly odd manner. A bit like a duck. When she’s walking that is – which is very rarely and, even then, with a walker. She has yet to stand on her own.

Today I realised I couldn’t put it off any longer. So I took a trip to see the health visitor.

I shrugged off that nagging doubt in the back of my mind and calmly told the lady I was sure it was nothing, but her feet were a bit funny. And by the way, when she was born someone mentioned something about clicky hips. But, you know, I was sure it was nothing.

The woman asked me to strip Frog from the waist down and walk her across the crowded waiting room. And, as my perfect baby waddled her wonky way through the packed room, it dawned on me that there could be a problem.

“I’d like you to take her to see the GP as soon as you can”, said the health visitor. “I think there may be an issue with her hips and feet. I think she may need to be referred to a specialist”.


Of course I knew this. Deep down I wasn’t surprised. Every time someone told me “They’re all different”, I could hear a little voice at the back of my head. But I thought it was Paranoid New Mum. I thought it was the competitive one that needed to be ignored. Turns out I should have paid her more heed.

So we saw a GP this evening. And we’ve been referred. But Paranoid New Mum has been shelved for a little while longer as Earth Mother holds onto the doctor’s parting words: “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m sure she’s fine.”

Mother Earth loves that doctor.







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42 responses to “The day my daughter was referred to the hospital

  1. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Here’s hoping that it really is nothing.

  2. She WILL be fine. Whatever the outcome. x

  3. Mistress Mummy

    She will be absolutely fine.
    My cousin had something similar, then one day the Dr looked at her, gave her leg a pull and *click* she suddenly started walking!
    Hope she gets there soon, don’t worry about it x

  4. I am sure everything will be okay.
    Stay positive Mother Earth.
    Thinking of you x

  5. Oh lovely, so sorry you’re going through this. You totally did the right thing by trusting your instincts and taking her to get checked out – well done you rockin’ Mama! She – and you – will both be absolutely fine, whatever the outcome. But waiting is never nice – big hugs to you both x

  6. Sending you positive thoughts x

  7. ahh I love her little flippers! I’m sure she will be fine…you will see that she is x

  8. averagemummysaz

    Really hope she is ok, as someone already said, she WILL be fine. My sis had clicky hips treated with a big old plaster cast at around a year, but you know what? She was fine in the cast, she was fine the minute it was removed. Little ones adapt. And my sis is now just your average 28 year old who was an excellent gymnast at school! Xx

  9. Gosh, what a worry. Bravely told, might I say. Presumably, if there is a problem, they can sort it out since they caught it early before bones etc have fully formed. And she’s too young to worry about it, so it’s worse for you. She sounds adorable.

  10. Definitely hold onto Earth Mother, as everything will be fine whatever happens. And definitely don’t do Guilt Mother as you’re a fab mum and flippers and all, Frog is obviously a very happy, gorgeous little girl. Lots of luck with it all xx

  11. Fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about. Let us know how you get on and give Frog a cuddle from me and Hannah. xx

  12. Sometimes its best to listen to that small inner voice. There are times first time moms a made to feel overly paranoid but you know what we look after our kids 24/7 so we know them best. Its good that took her for a check up, set you mind at ease. Good luck with your trip to the specialist.

  13. Oh poor you, that must be so worrying. My fingers are crossed for you and Frog xx

  14. Little girls were invented to worry their mums, just wait till her and libs are teenagers…..

    Here whenever

  15. Jane Clarke

    she will be fine,there is no point in worrying ,you can’t do anything about it. She will love the trip to the hospital, all those new experiences and a chance to show off.

  16. I am thinking of you … and Mother Earth

  17. All will be fine in the end I am sure. It is there job to scare the bejesus out if us

  18. Well done for going with your instincts… now that you’ve made the appointment frog will probably start walking. x

  19. Just found this post when I was looking at the competition (which I will come back too). Hope all is well, but if not you will find that the children are so resilient. My little Erin has been in a spica cast for 13 weeks now and she is doing amazing. My little munchkin also couldnt walk, not until she was 22 months and then it was a cute waddle not a walk. Sending positive vibes.

    • Thank you for the lovely words. It’s great to hear positive stories like yours. We don’t know what the problem is yet (or even if there definitely is one) but hearing about people who have gone through the “worse case scenario” as it were and come out the other side absolutely fine, is great to hear. THANK YOU x

  20. Keep going mother earth. Joseph was 23 and a half months when he finally walked. We had a tough time with his consultant (J was premmie) who was convinced it was cerebral palsy, but this Earth Mother stuck her fingers in her ears and sung “la la la”, every subsequent professional just smiled and said he was too clever for walking! I am sure your dear one is the same! Too clever. If there is an issue I am sure it can be corrected, stay at one with the earth, Mother!

  21. granny from the north

    Sorry to disappoint “Panic Paranoid Mother” is other half of “Earth Mother” and both are needed! You have both…That’s why you are the most fantastic caring and wonderful mum. Hang on in there…!!! Love XXX

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