What do your children mean to you?

Most evenings, around 6pm, my child means one thing to me: MESS.

Pure, unadulterated mess. Crayons in the carpet, milk on the sofa, books and cushions and dried rice and sticky ketchup strewn around the house and smeared up walls. This is the evidence I live with a small person. The evidence I am a mum.

But that mess – the stuff that makes me want to tear my hair out at the end of a long day – is what keeps me going.

It’s the mess that makes me get out of bed at 3.45am every morning to go to work. It’s the mess that keeps me writing at stupid o’clock in the evening. It’s the mess which drives me forward, pushing myself to earn money so that one day we can buy a house.

I can’t put into words what my child means to me. She is at once soul destroyingly frustrating and achingly beautiful.

She melts me.


I’m getting involved with Nickie’s weekly blog prompt over at I Am Typecast,  to raise awareness of CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Week on 10th – 18th March. I’ve worked for this charity in the past and seen the amazing work it does.

It makes a huge difference to the lives of children suffering with cancer, giving families clinical, practical and emotional support.

Yummy Mummy Week is a fundraising week held by mums, for mums. The idea is to have some fun with your mates, while raising money for a great cause. You can find out more on the website or by visiting Nickie’s blog, I Am Typecast.

Help raise awareness by joining in with the weekly blog prompt, or tweeting with the hashtag #dosomethingyummy.



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23 responses to “What do your children mean to you?

  1. Lovely post, I love mess! I love seeing all that stuff around, and knowing it means my baby is never far away!

  2. You’ve summed it up quite well. Its so true. Gotta luv em :0)

  3. Expat Mammy

    I love my little mess whirlwind too, especially when he purposely tips up his water the says uh oh mess. Can’t imagine life without mess now. Beautiful post darling

  4. How bad is it that that room does not look (very) messy to me? :-S

  5. She is at once soul destroyingly frustrating and achingly beautiful.
    Such a perfect summation of motherhood!

  6. That room doesn’t look too messy to me!

  7. I live with mess so empathise totally. What a succint way to sum it all up.
    In aid of a great cause too

  8. Sticky ketchup smears just give your home character!

    Lovely account of being a mum, and one I can wholeheartely relate to!

  9. What a brilliant response! Yes mess is definitely everywhere here too! With me constantly clearing up!

  10. granny from the north

    Call me MRS MESSY!
    Yes I can do mess ask my family XX

  11. granny from the north

    Actually in the league table of messiness this is really TIDYXX

  12. Perfectly put! And I’m so glad your living room looks like mine!

  13. Beautiful ending – I’m off to clean chocolate mousse off our walls 🙂

  14. That’s not really messy 😉 But I love the sentiment behind this post. So honest.

    Thanks for writing this post for the #dosomethingyummy campaign.

  15. Yep looks just like my house!

    Love the post and thanks so much for taking part in the #dosomethingyummy campaign

  16. Brilliant! I moan about the mess but hate it when the house looks too tidy!

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