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20 months and still not walking

Frog turned 20 months old yesterday.

She’s still not walking.

Unfortunately for my child, she’s been blessed with rather wonky feet and very long lanky legs. Just like her dad.

Also, unfortunately for my child, every pavement in Britain isn’t littered with a permanent handrail on which to balance while trying to negotiate life on two feet. Continue reading



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What’s your idea of the perfect day?

The idea of a spa day, balloon ride or personal shopping day may seem a little far-fetched for a Monday morning. But I’m about to offer you the chance to win just that, courtesy of Experience Days.

Experience Days offer deals for a huge range of activities, from indoor skydiving to rally driving, spa days to personal makeovers. It’s all there, at an affordable price.

The thing is, if you’re anything like me, you’ll dream of that perfect day without ever actually doing anything about it. When it comes to spending a wad of cash on myself the blasted Mother Guilt pops up again and I’ll put the money to one side, promising myself I’ll get my roots done next month instead. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday


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Why we should all remember early attempts at motherhood

It’s a hot sunny day. It’s a miracle I’m dressed. Frog is around a month old.

The novelty of night feeds gazing at tiny finger nails is starting to fade into a mild yearning for sleep. Prolonged sleep. Sleep that lasts more than two hours at a time.

My friend is coming to visit today. My oldest friend.

We meet her from the train and she takes us to our village pub, where we sit in the garden overlooking the canal. We eat a ploughman’s lunch and chat about the new person in our life. Frog sleeps.

But then my baby wakes. She cries. The cries turn to screams. She is hungry. Continue reading


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An eco-savvy plate. Yes, really.

Behold. The latest for environmentally conscious parents.

The Beco feeding set, from Beco Things.

I’d never heard of this brand until they got in touch to introduce themselves. I have to say, I was a bit sceptical at first. I mean, I know it’s trendy to be environmentally aware and all, but aren’t eco potties and plates taking it a bit far? Continue reading


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Every single day so far this year – minus last week – has been about getting to grips with a new way of life.

It’s been about balancing on the edge of a cliff face, determined not to fall off. It’s been about struggling to maintain a sense of calm while a million things on my “to do” list whizz through my head.

It’s been about trying to be the best mum I can possibly be, while being the best radio presenter I can possibly be, while being the best copywriter I can possibly be, while being the best blogger I can possibly be, while being the best feature writer I can possibly be. And still remain some sort of wife to my husband. Continue reading


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Let there be light

I’ve made no secret in the past of my love for the innovative and stylish baby gadget brand Brother Max. In fact, I was almost wanting not to like their latest offering, in the hope of becoming a bit less predictable.

Sorry folks.

They’ve done it again. The dual purpose plug in nightlight is another item I wish I’d known about this time 19 months ago.

Far from being your ordinary nightlight, this one is so intuitive it can actually tell if it’s dark already. That’s right – you don’t even need to switch it on. Imagine those milk feeds at 3am, with no need to maneouvre a baby in one hand and find a light switch with the other…. Continue reading

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The one about the honeymoon

Now the jet lag has started to pass and the first day back at work is over, Cuba seems like a distant dream away.

This time last week I had just left Havana with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and was trying hard to quell a large lump in my throat at the thought of being away from Frog for four more days. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday


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Guest post: A living hell

My second guest post of the week is from the adorable, award winning and very funny Northern Mummy with Southern Children.

Since I started this blog just over a year ago, Jane has become a very good friend. She is genuinely one of the wittiest, no-nonsense and funny people I know. This is something I’m sure my northern husband would attribute to the fact she’s not from the south. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled to welcome her over to my place…


Hang on, let me adjust a second. There, that’s better.

Sorry it is just Molly’s blog is so much quieter than mine, it caught me off guard momentarily. I am not used to being in a space that is dominated by only one baby, whereas my blog is getting slightly over crowded with my three rather ‘exuberant’ children. Continue reading


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