Me right now

It’s just after 9am on a Wednesday morning.

We’re into the last hour of the show and I’m catching up on tweets. Twitter says I’ve missed a good week on The Gallery.

I’m a bit miffed. Work and mum duties tend to have a habit of getting in the way of the blog at times.

So I ask our lovely producer Adrian to take a picture of me, right now. No fussing with hair. No trying to put my head at a flattering angle. I’m even still biting my nails.

Frog, this is what your mum does when she’s at work. This is me, right now.




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22 responses to “Me right now

  1. How come you even look glam when you’ve been up since the small hours? And how come your desk is so much tidier than mine?

  2. Looks very efficient! And yes, such a tidy desk!!

  3. Lovely clean desk – I wish mine was like that.

  4. Lovely picture… it seems this prompt has resulted in lots of workspace pictures but this is definitely one of the more interesting.


  5. you are on the radio!!!!!!!

  6. I wish I had an exciting job like yours. Looking fabulous as well.

  7. ‘sgood to see you!!

  8. Oooh hello, very nice to ‘see’ you

  9. gosh you are so cool. I “know” a DJ!
    I forget you have such a cracking job.

  10. granny from the north

    Me right now as a concept…love it! As a stuffy librarian (not) might try this myself!

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