One today

Once upon a time there was a woman.

She had a wobbly tummy, big bags under her eyes and a yummy little baby.

But, despite this woman’s attributes, she was worried.

The whole year stretched ahead of her and she didn’t know what it would hold. She didn’t know when her yummy little baby would start sleeping through the night. She didn’t know if she would return to her old pre-baby job. She didn’t know how long she could continue to pretend she had a clue what she was doing when it came to being a mum.

So she decided to start a blog.

She wrote about the fact her daughter was last at everything. She wrote about the white lies at baby and toddler group. And she wrote about the less-than-perfect beginning to family life.

Then she got married. And she wrote about that too.

Along the way, the woman began working again. The blog opened a few new doors and she didn’t end up returning to her pre-baby job.

The woman also made some new friends. She didn’t need to make up white lies about her non-performing baby to these friends, because they knew the score. They’d read her blog.

The woman started to wonder if she was too lucky. How could so much good stuff be happening all at once?

Then more good stuff happened and she was short-listed for two national blogging awards. She didn’t win, but she drank wine and made more new friends.

Just shy of a year after starting the blog, the woman got a phone call. She was offered a sparkly new contract as a radio presenter. She was very pleased.

Sitting at her computer one evening, the woman remembered back to the early days when she used to worry lots. She smiled, looking back with fondness at the luxury of having time to worry.

Then she got back to business and posted a picture of her daughter wearing a woolly hat in the bath….


****** The Beginning ******



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23 responses to “One today

  1. Happy blog birthday!! The journey sounds amazing doesn’t it? I need to go and read all your old posts, I think I only discovered your blog a few months ago!

  2. Wowsers what a year it’s been for you and what achievements you have made! You put me to shame when I think of how little I have achieved! x

  3. Chelseamamma

    Happy Blogaversary!!! Love the picture too x x x

  4. Accolades all well deserved. I love this blog. Love the pic too and the baby in it, but don’t you think you should turn the central heating on at bathtime…?

  5. Expat Mammy

    thats the best story ever, such a happy ending , happy blog birthday

  6. Every story has a beginning a middle and an end and yours is just the beginning. I look forward to reading chapters 2 3 4 5 and beyond. If the first bit is anything to go on, it’ll be a best seller! Molly, you are a natural all round lovely lady. Long live your blog it’s a joy to read and I am officialy signing up to get a regular fix!

  7. Just fabulous! Happy blog birthday or blogaversary or however you say it. The girl dun good!

  8. Happy blog birthday! And what a great year you’ve had! x

  9. Wow what a journey! Loving the hat in the bath; it’s minus 3 outside I may just give it a go myself 😉

  10. Happy First Birthday to your Blog. I thought you’d been blogging much longer than that!

  11. granny from the north

    Happy Blogsberry! and have hat like that myself…great accessory for the bath – it could catch on…another innovation under your belt! Proud of you.

  12. Happy belated birthday bloggy! And what a fantastic and inspirational blog you are! It’s a shame you live in word press however and I have not figured out how to follow you properly yet ( or perhaps I have, but you’re not telling me ) either way I forgive you because it doesn’t matter where your coming from as they say, only where your going… And you are going places, always a great read, never fail to raise a smile 🙂

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