At the eye of the storm


Photo Credit: Sky Symphony by Kevin Dooley

The clouds gather, droplets of rain begin to fall. A toy is thrown and the sky blackens.
It’s mild at first, a shout and a scream. A prelude to the main event.
And then the thunder crashes around us.
Each bolt of lightning smashes down, scattering crayons and books, wooden bricks and teddy bears. The storm rages. There’s nothing to do but take cover in a corner, hoping a stray burst of electricity doesn’t set anything nearby alight.
It’s loud. So loud. The rains roar as the thunder drums. Each burst more violent than the next.
Everything is red and black.
Then, just as quickly as it started, the clouds disperse. A rainbow appears.
It’s once more safe to snuggle on the sofa and watch CBeebies. Spent.




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12 responses to “At the eye of the storm

  1. Such a great analogy. Hopefully those storms you’re having are few and far between!

  2. mutteringsofafool

    Amazing how quickly those storms blow over though isn’t it?

  3. Your words are gorgeous, but my eyes keep returning to that photo. It’s so incredible we live in a world where these things occur naturally–and, of course, where snuggles exist!

  4. I love this as the turbulent moods of our little Ones but how quickly those rainbows appear and the snuggles that follow are magical!

  5. Cor, that’s cleverly done!. Sounds like me raging at my children. And I love the cloud pic.

  6. Those clouds should be scary but the look so beautiful. I hear you and CBeebies.

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