You know it’s cold when…

This is the display on your brand spanking new Brother Max Bath And Room Thermometer…

Finally I have proof that our bathroom is the coldest room in the house, despite what the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine says.

We’ve been testing out the Brother Max Ray Digital Bath and Room Thermometer for the past week. So far it’s proved that it’s extremely cold in the bathroom, Frog’s room and our living room. In fact, the only place where the temperature doesn’t induce frost bite seems to be in the bath.

That’s the brilliant thing about this thermometer, see. It measures the temperature in both the room AND the bath. The clever design means it doubles up as floating bath toy (a Sting Ray, to be precise) as well as a thermometer.



This is a review post. The Ray Digital Bath And Room Thermometer is available online at Brother Max and Kiddicare.  



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7 responses to “You know it’s cold when…

  1. mutteringsofafool

    my rule is that if you can see your breath then its cold, our house heats up quickly but as soon as the heatings turned off the heat vanishes through the many drafts in this old house

  2. We got a similar result on our Gro-Egg thermometer when the bonkers boy was a young baby – the Gro-Egg turned blue! Double glazing was then fitted and the house is much warmer now.

  3. Expat Mammy

    How cool, excuse the pun

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