Let there be light

I’ve made no secret in the past of my love for the innovative and stylish baby gadget brand Brother Max. In fact, I was almost wanting not to like their latest offering, in the hope of becoming a bit less predictable.

Sorry folks.

They’ve done it again. The dual purpose plug in nightlight is another item I wish I’d known about this time 19 months ago.

Far from being your ordinary nightlight, this one is so intuitive it can actually tell if it’s dark already. That’s right – you don’t even need to switch it on. Imagine those milk feeds at 3am, with no need to maneouvre a baby in one hand and find a light switch with the other….

Automatic "darkness detectors". Genius.

The light plugs straight into a socket, so doesn’t cast a disruptive glare across the whole room. Instead, it sits quietly glowing in the corner. The light’s so relaxing I can almost see it being used in a high end spa meditation room, rather than a baby’s bedroom. It even stays cold, so no need to worry about tiny fingers touching a hot light. Genius.

And it has the option of not being covered, so other appliances can be plugged into the same socket. Like so:

Hoover friendly. Or whatever appliance takes your fancy.

Or if you’re worried about wandering little fingers, you can always choose to keep the socket covered…

The anti-wandering fingers version.

I have to say, I’m not surprised those clever inventors at Brother Max have pulled another cracker out of the bag. They’ve already showed off their talents in the baby gadget stakes with the likes of their room and bath thermometer. Oh, and don’t forget about their easy to use digital thermometer.

In fact, check out all the products on the website. They’ve found solutions to problems I didn’t even know were an issue – until I found the product to rectify it. And their bath toys look incredibly cute.

But, so far, the night light is definitely my favourite of all the products. I just wish they’d invented it earlier.

How selfish of them.


The Brother Max dual purpose nightlight costs £9.99 and is available to pre-order from Mother Care.

This is a review post.


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One response to “Let there be light

  1. This is EXACTLY what we need. Currently we’re sleeping with a lamp on because the night lights we’ve tried so far have either been too weak or glaring. Trials of cosleeping.

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