Every single day so far this year – minus last week – has been about getting to grips with a new way of life.

It’s been about balancing on the edge of a cliff face, determined not to fall off. It’s been about struggling to maintain a sense of calm while a million things on my “to do” list whizz through my head.

It’s been about trying to be the best mum I can possibly be, while being the best radio presenter I can possibly be, while being the best copywriter I can possibly be, while being the best blogger I can possibly be, while being the best feature writer I can possibly be. And still remain some sort of wife to my husband.

In short, it’s been about survival against the ravages of tiredness and stress, for happiness to reign supreme.

But it’s not been about staying alive.

That’s what I tell myself every time I want to moan. Every morning when the alarm screeches into my dreams at 3.45am and I unglue my eyelids, I remind myself I am alive. I am happy. I am loved. I love.

My health, my child’s health and my husband’s health is, thankfully, intact. My sister is healthy, as is my father, mother and every other member of my extended family.

Every afternoon, when the toddler’s mood darkens and the storm clouds of rage threaten to break into an almighty tantrum, I remind myself I am lucky. I am alive. Happy. Loved. Love.

To be alive, healthy, happy. To love and be loved. Surely it’s all anyone can wish of their life?


This post is written as part of the #dosomethingyummy campaign from CLIC Sargent, to raise awareness of Yummy Mummy Week on 10th to 18th March 2012.

You can show your support by taking part in the writing prompt over at I Am Typecast and sharing these posts on Facebook and Twitter.  



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38 responses to “Survival

  1. TheEmptyCakeTin

    Mols, what a lovely post. Maybe we’re all guilty of getting too caught up in everything. xx

  2. ah lovely. such a good reminder about what really matters and keeping perspective. thanks. B

  3. Wonderful sentiment and one that’s all too easy to lose sight of. I was thinking along similar lines this morning when I heard of the Afghan children freezing to death in their tents.

  4. This is such a lovely post and really strikes a chord with me right now. All I have to do is be the best Mum I can be and be the best wife I can be, but I seem to be really struggling with that right now. You are amazing to juggle all your ‘hats’. Happy, loved, love. I think this may be my new mantra!x

  5. Expat Mammy

    Your amazing

  6. What a great post. I think modern life is so hard, sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and balanced. But at least my life doesn’t depend on it. No one dies.

  7. I love what you’ve done with the theme of survival. A helpful reminder.

  8. To be happy that is it ….you have it

  9. granny from the north

    Your are doing a great job…and providing lifejackets for everyone around you!
    Yes we are in sea mode going off for cruise..but ongoing support for whole family/friends is essentia to keep going and exploring lXXXX

  10. That is so beautiful and so very true!

  11. A lovely positive post, it really helped to lift me today x

  12. I hadn’t really thought about it that way until I read a few posts this morning. I tend to hear awful stories and then live in fear of them, but you are so right to take them as a reminder of how lucky we are if we are not going through that. *pastes on smile and ingests more caffeine!*

  13. I hear you! Totally know what you mean.

  14. A lovely post and so very, very true.

  15. Blimey that is one god awful time of the morning to wake up!
    My top tips for exhaustion are baths in epsom salts (you can get big bags of it in healthy food shops) and blue berries – seem to help me every time, as I haven’t slept through the night in 6 yrs ;o)

  16. I raise my cuppa to being alive and you making us appreciate that! x

  17. I have to admit I am my own worst enemy and take on far too much and can never say no – so much so my sleep and easting pattern is all over the place and my head hurts from even thinking at the moment x

  18. Great post Molly and I love the simplicity of that photo too. Thanks for joining in with all the #dosomethingyummy prompts and for helping out with the social media shout out xx

  19. Thankyou for such a beautiful post. A sense of perspective is pretty important isn’t it? Thanks so much for being part of #dosomethingyummy

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