Silent Sunday



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13 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. ha ha, no, you really aren’t alone there!

    • Just the usual Sunday at home. You should have seen the garden. What this photo fails to convey is the huge amount of sand transferred from the outdoor sandpit to the indoor living room. *sigh*

  2. haha looks like someone’s been having fun! x

  3. I could have taken a similar photo today 😉

  4. I almost missed that, hold the momentxxx

  5. I heart motherhood

    I’m so glad other people’s houses look like this too!

  6. That was my living room an hour ago. Just finished tidying up and now settling down for an evening without toys.

  7. LOL doesn’t look too silent, lol. Looks very much like my front room :0)

  8. Lady of the night

    Do you think she is getting her own back ?

  9. this photo is very very comforting to me

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