Finally, we’ve reached a major milestone

I’ll never forget the first time Frog smiled at me. A proper smile, I mean. She was about seven weeks old and was full to bursting with milk. Sitting on my knee, she looked me straight in the eye and flashed the most dazzling, gummy grin I’ve ever seen….

I remember this clearly, because I’d been worried she would never smile. Just as with everything else, Frog was the last of her baby peers to reach the smiling milestone.

And today is cause for celebration of a similar ilk. It’s a momentous day. We have reached a truly huge landmark in Frog’s early years.

At the age of 20 months old, Frog has achieved something incredibly special.

We have finally, finally experienced our First Public Tantrum. Joy.

I now know how it feels to be that mother. You know the one. You must see her in the supermarket most weekends, standing forlornly by as her children lie in the middle of the aisle kicking and screaming.

Up until now I had never truly experienced that feeling of hot shame and utter ground-swallow-me-up nausea. I’d looked on with sympathy as other mothers attempted all techniques of tantrum negotiation, from bribery and shouting to the simple art of ignoring the young offender. I’d even silently made judgments about certain methods, noting these parents down as future Supernanny victims, clearly ignorant in the simple art of parenting.

No longer.

This afternoon, Frog pulled an absolute blinder. The tantrum involved a large Next clothing store, a pair of shoes and a disgruntled sales assistant. We left to the piercing screams of, “NO, NO, NO, SHOES, MINE, MINE, SHOES, ME, ME, ME, SHOOOOOOOOOOES!”

I doubt we’ll be going back.

(And yes, she’s still yet to walk.)

Obsessed with shoes



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26 responses to “Finally, we’ve reached a major milestone

  1. I was always so temped to tantrum back in return

  2. he he, Erin has not had one yet, more becuase I think its harder to tantrum when your in a cast – you cant chuck yourself about too much! I expect one will come along shortly!

  3. ahh bless her…does she not realise that once she takes those first steps she can have all the shoes in the world as Mummy will be a walkover then! x

  4. Oh well, tantrums over shoes are perfectly acceptable – we all want what we can’t have in that department, don’t we!! It’ll be handbags before you know it 😉

  5. I had so hoped the miracle was her walking. Shoe bribery is clearly the key. My sedentary daughter would hike to John o’Groats for a pair of Uggs.

  6. Eeek Iyla has started warming up this week, getting frustrated a lot and she cried for the first time in the supermarket yesterday. The kind of cry where people look and expect you to do something, it was horrible and I know there is worse to come! x

  7. Ugh, I am so not looking forward to this. But you lived to tell the tale so I’ll remember that when it happens.

  8. Lady of the night

    I remember Helena having a tantrum in Asda at the Spondon store,She hated shopping of any description. I left her screaming down the paint aisle and collected her after I had completed my weeks shop! I knew she hadn’t been abducted because I could hear her througout the store.
    Those wonderful days.

  9. Congrats on the milestone… I bet it feels more like a mummy baptism of fire. I can’t wait *shakes with fear*

  10. Here’s to many more Molly! What fun lies ahead…:)

  11. Brilliant, brilliant photo! What a smile!

    But yes, on the tantrum. Oh my. The first time it happens is mind blowing. We are lucky that T doesn’t have too many, but when he does he doesn’t actually cry, he just screams at full ear-splitting volume. He had one last week in the library, of all places, when one of the staff told him that they’re about to take out the little red wooden train that all the books are kept in. He LOVES that train and was totally heartbroken, so let out a succession of half a dozen awful, awful screams.

    One of the staff sidled up to me after and said in a slightly awed whisper ‘I have never, ever heard a noise quite that loud before. Amazing.

    Hope you don’t have too many in your future 🙂 xx’

  12. Oh oh, well it had to come. She may not be walking but she can clearly state what she wants and be assertive :0) In time she’ll walk as well. Welcome to the gang of red cheeked mothers ;0) In my case, I break into a light sweat.

  13. Ghislaine Forbes

    According to her grand dad, public tantrum number one was in Clarkes shoe shop within Newbury’s Mothercare whilst you were away. I only stemmed the tsunami of emotions by allowing the little madam to try on some rather large bright pink sparkly trainers. Another child was amused by Frog’s tiny feet in such large shoes but she was given a withering look by young diva, as if to say I make up the fashion footwear rules here!
    love ma x
    You never had tantrums in shoe shops because I always bought what you wanted!

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