A year ago – almost to the day – I went for a walk in the woods.

With Frog strapped firmly to my chest I donned my new wellies and went splashing in puddles with my friend and her little boy, Arthur. We chased after Boots, the beautiful black Labrador, and built piles of sticks next to a hollow log.

At the time, Arthur was two and a half. Throughout the walk he was in a world of his own. One minute he was driving a train, the next he was boarding a bus, then he was tooting the horn, then he was taking passengers’ tickets. It was the first time he had ever completely lost himself in his own imagination and, as a new mum with all this to look forward to, it was thrilling to see.

For that afternoon, I also lost myself. I forgot the difficult decisions I had to make regarding my return to work after maternity leave. I forgot the pile of freelance emails I had yet to send and my apprehension at going it alone, without a guaranteed regular monthly pay cheque.

Instead, I waded through puddles and played like a toddler.

It was a rare moment of light in what, looking back, was a time full of worry…

Luckily, Arthur’s mum, my wonderful friend Caroline, was there to capture the whole afternoon. Looking at these pictures takes me right back to those two hours a year ago, when the light danced on the water and I remembered how to have fun.


This is my entry to this week’s Gallery. Head over to Sticky Fingers to see the rest.



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31 responses to “Light

  1. Beautiful images and story, thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely x

    (Nice wellies as well)

  3. How do you always manage to bring a tear to my eye?! We have had and will have so many special times, Molly! Your friendship has meant the world to both me and Arthur – what incredible memories 🙂 Thank you xxx Oh and we have moved on from ‘wading’ to ‘rolling’ in muddy puddles…

  4. gorgeous photo’s 🙂 You look very happy!

  5. I love the last photo- looks like you had a lovely day!

  6. Great pictures! Love the last one with the dog – it’s very sweet!

  7. Lovely post and the pics really capture the mood. Looks like an awesome day out.

  8. I love these photos there is nothing better than a toddler and some puddles to remind you to have some fun 🙂 x

  9. That last picture is amazing. Just amazing.

    I love those rare things that transport me from worry now; there’s so much worry most the time now.

  10. mutteringsofafool

    They are fab, really capture the moment and nothing better than forgetting your worries and jumping in some puddles. No matter how old you are…

  11. Love your face in that first picture!!

  12. Oh wow! Those are beautiful pictures and exceptionally beautiful words. Thanks for sharing.
    CJ x

  13. You’ve got the most gorgeous accessory right there!

  14. This is so beautiful Molly. I love the pictures and your ability to capture time in a bottle in this post is magical. I feel like I am there with you, wading and forgetting all the other things that await me even now! Hope you find some of that light today!

  15. Gorgeous post, really poignant. We’ve all been there. Great lesson to remind us to have more fun and less worry in our lives. Thank you x

  16. …lovely happy pics, especially loving the last one. I’m forever saying ‘don’t step in the puddles, you don’t have your wellies on’…what a spoilsport, will now make a point of taking wellies in car for just those sort of ‘splashy’ occasions!

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