Blogging is making me a better mum

Many an afternoon rolls around when all I want to do is switch on CBeebies and sit back on the sofa as my 20 month old daughter trashes the house. Getting up for work at 3.45am can do that to you.

But, most afternoons, I manage to resist the call of Mr Tumble and his cronies until at least 4.30pm. Instead, I don’t even let myself sit down. We go to a swimming lesson on a Tuesday afternoon and a music (read – clapping and bashing a drum) class on a Thursday. Every other afternoon I look for activities or playdates in advance.

When we’re at home it’s hard. Mr Tumble tempts me like a magical siren. But, just occasionally, I manage to get it right. Mostly, this is because of blogging, rather than any natural abilities of motherhood on my part.

The latest victory over Mr Tumble was won after I stumbled over a post about sensory tubs on The Imagination Tree. We invested in some 93p aqua plant beads and emptied the crayons out of the clear plastic IKEA tub they used to reside in. We soaked the beads overnight until they expanded and went squidgy. Then we poured them into the tub and added some bathtime friends, along with some shells found on a Cuban beach during the recent honeymoon.

It went down a treat.

Me: 1. Mr Tumble: nil.

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8 responses to “Blogging is making me a better mum

  1. Was looking at these the other day on another blog – going to have to get some for the grandchildren. Cute pics too 😉

  2. I rejoice for you. Blogging makes me a worse mother. I prefer blogging, often, to making conversation with my children. In fact, I’m reading your blog right now while my children are languishing unsupervised in the bath.

  3. I’ve only been Blogging a short while, but I’m loving the fact that you come across so many different ideas that you wouldn’t other wise. and I’m pleased I’ve stumbled across your Blog!

  4. Ruth

    I love her dress. Do you think it comes in my size?

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