The Frog vlog

This post combines Frog’s three favourite things: new toys, bath time and being centre stage.

Without further ado, I bring to you my 20 month old daughter, vlogging about the Munchkin range of bath toys she was asked to review…

As you can see, she was rather pleased with the collection on offer, although she did get a little over-excited about the basketball net. I think tomorrow evening we’ll practise shooting some hoops, rather than eating them.


This is a review post. You can see the full range of toys on offer on the Munchkins website.

Stockists include Amazon, Argos, Next and Asda. The toys featured retail from £5.99 for the Bath Dunkers and £4.99 for the Daredevil Dolphins.



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6 responses to “The Frog vlog

  1. First off, she’s adorable and I love her squeaking. Secondly, it’s awesome to hear YOUR voice, too!

  2. Yes, it is always odd to hear a blogger’s real voice! She is super-cute

  3. She is mega cute and it is very interesting to her your voice. You have a very nice voice! x

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