I think I have a problem

With wine on a Friday night.

It starts with a whisper at around midday. I can hear it humming softly from the fridge in all its cold, fresh, delicious glory.

The call gets steadily louder as the afternoon wears on. With each tantrum from my beautiful, highly-strung 20 month old daughter, the wine positively sings from the bottle stacked lovingly in its cosy white home in the corner of the kitchen.

As the last weekday 3.45am alarm call slowly ebbs its way from my memory, the wine mocks me, calling with promises of relaxation and smiles. As the 500th email from the past three days is meticulously answered and filed away, as the final toy is tidied away among friends, as my daughter is tucked into bed, my mouth positively salivates at that first delightful sip of cold Sauvignon Blanc.

I think I have a problem. I forgot to buy any this week.


Friday night friend


Blogland has gone a bit crazy over the past couple of days, with nominations for The MAD Blog Awards now open and the first wave of blogs shortlisted for The Brilliance in Blogging Awards announced.

To my utter amazement, I’ve been shortlisted in the Lit category for The Bibs. You can vote for me here.

To nominate me for a MAD Blog Award just go to the website linked above and click on “nominate”.

My name is Molly. But in cyberworld, I am Mother’s Always Right. My URL is https://mothersalwaysright.wordpress.com.

Now I’m off in search of wine.



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8 responses to “I think I have a problem

  1. mummydaddyme

    Wow you have the same Friday night friend as me. 🙂

  2. I have an identical problem, only it involves beer. And it’s ruddy Lent so I haven’t got any either! Congratulations on your literary triumph!

  3. Now that is a problem!

  4. I have a very similar problem too! Except on some days when the toddler has been exceptionally hard work I don’t make it past 4pm without giving in and wine o’clock comes early! Well done on your nomination!x

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