One more week without answers

This time next week, we’ll be less than 24 hours away from some answers. Hopefully.

There are now only seven days between us and the hospital appointment which may shed some light on why my 21 month old daughter is still not walking. Or standing.

Since the referral I’ve flitted between absolute unerring hesitation that there is nothing wrong with my child, and the unquestioning certainty that, actually, there is a problem.

Part of me thinks “mother’s always right” and the doctor’s being over cautious. My non-toddling toddler just isn’t quite ready yet. But another part of me – the part I don’t want to listen to – accepts this may not be the case.

I see her stumbling steps and look back at the past six months which have seen her lurch haphazardly around furniture, desperate to walk. I see a child who, despite the claims of many that she, “Simply can’t be bothered”, is actually bothering very much. I see a child who has now given up crawling because she knows it’s not the done thing for children her age. I see a child who is stuck and cross and left behind, watching.

But all is not lost.

Earlier today, there were steps. Proper steps. Three tiny steps between her mother and father. Sturdy, sure and very real.

I see hope.




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37 responses to “One more week without answers

  1. Prayers for you and your family! I can’t imagine how stressful the wait is.

  2. Oh, Molly…. That is progress at least! Missy started doing a bit of standing about 3 weeks before she did proper walking.

    I really hope the week passes quickly and you get answers next week.

  3. jessiesonline

    ah see didn’t I tell you…the little monkey is working up to her big moment when she walks into the Doctors office!

  4. Three steps? That’s very, very good progress. By next Friday she could be running marathons and you will have been right all along. If not, you have the appointment anyway. You’re always struck me as very level-headed and rational. Try not to worry. Xxx

  5. Fingers crossed it’s just a delay, and not a disorder.
    We had this with our DS’s speech, everyone told us that he’d catch up in the end, but in my heart I knew there was something wrong.
    I think most parents do ‘know’…
    Good luck for next week.

  6. ohh 3 sturdy little steps is a great achievement I hope the answers you after are given next week will be thinking of you x

  7. Fingers crossed you get the results you want and maybe your little lady might surprise everyone by next week. You never know x

  8. Without hope…….. I wish you all the best with next week and hope with all hope that they find something easy to fix

  9. Hope is what it’s all about, baby. Three steps – that is awesome, proper awesome. Bring on next week, if only to shed some light on things. I have everything crossed for you guys X

  10. Good luck. I do know a few people who’ve had children not walking until they’re almost two. Maybe that’s a consolation but on the other hand each child is different. I think it’s promising F has done a few little steps, so hopefully this means all will be okay. Keeping fingers crossed for your appointment. And it would be funny if she decided to start walking everywhere the day before you’re due to go (or maybe not funny…)

  11. everyone has wise words to say and I wish I had some too, there is no point saying not to worry as the moment we become a parent we do nothing but worry. I am so glad to know you have an appointment and I prayer for you the week goes quick as a flash and we get the most lovely post on your blog very soon.

  12. I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you.

    In the almost 4 years since Sausage was born, we had her back and forth to her consultant, worrying about her development because of her traumatic birth, most recently when we got called into her nursery to discuss her difficulty with stairs and steps. Her consultant say there’s nothing at all wrong with her, he just does things in her own time and her own way. I’m sure this is the case with your little one too xx

  13. Helloitsgemma

    Three steps is a good start. My son walked after all his peers. It really bothered me – I thought it bothered him but children live much more in the moment. Currently, am worrying/stressing about schools – my OH keeps reminding me – my son doesnt understand the system. The fears I imagine in him are mine and that it will be ok. He will cope with whatever happens and it probably won’t be as bad as I’ve imagined it.
    Tell me to shut up now.
    Sending love and best wishes. X

  14. Karen Hodkinson

    Hey there. My heart went out to you when I read this.
    Three steps is very good.
    And hope all will be well after hospital appointment next week.


    Good luck with the hospital. Great she made tiny steps. Thinking of you all x

  16. There is ALWAYS hope! Fingers crossed you all.

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  18. Keeping you in my thoughts. All I can say is that I can relate all too well, and that whatever your intuition tells you, listen. Precisely as your blog is titled, you are likely right and keep that hope alive and well. big hugs to you Molly.

  19. granny from the north

    All good things are worth waiting for.
    see you soon, cant wait XX

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