What you’re like now

Dear Frog,

You may not be walking yet, but at 21 months old you’re certainly not a baby.

What you are like now:

1) You shout NO! A lot.

2) You’re rapidly going off wearing a nappy.

3) You sing yourself to sleep with that popular nursery rhyme all about a Russian oligarch with a bladder problem; Tinkle Tinkle Little Tsar is your favourite song.

4) You read stories to yourself. Unsurprisingly you tend to be the main character. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is actually called The Very Hungry Frog, apparently.

5) You now properly “cook” in your kitchen. Rather than just banging your wooden spoons and throwing dried rice around, you’ve started to pour things into pots and stir imaginary stews on the hob. Yesterday I watched you turning the tap on and off, making the, “Whoooosh” sound of the water. When I asked if the water was cold you looked at me scornfully, before replying, “Yeah”.

Frog, I have to remind myself of these little milestones because it’s easy to forget. Your legs may not be up to speed yet, but your mind certainly is.

You’ll be sixteen before I know it. (Hopefully by then you’ll have figured out that eyeliner is not for use on the nose.)



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16 responses to “What you’re like now

  1. Lol at the Russian oligarch with a bladder problem! I know what you mean about remembering little things, I have to keep reminding myself to write things down. I can’t believe that before we know it they will be 16 and think we are the most uncool things on the planet! X

  2. Such a lovely post; you’ll treasure these in years to come. Having just packed off #1 son back to Uni I wish I had been able to record memories like this twenty years ago. Don’t mind me, any small people posts are just helping to add the pile of tissues today *sniff*

  3. Non walking babies eh!

    Its a lovely post, Frog is remarkable as you know.

    and at least she can talk x

  4. That list of achievements makes her sound uncannily like me, except for the nappies (I’m nearly ready to go back into them) – only she’s a lot better looking. She and you will love this post when she’s older.

  5. granny from the north

    and dont forget her other passion – diggers!

  6. Aw bless her, she’s so sweet. A lovely post. Makes me what to get back on top of the old blogging again. It’s these little memories that will otherwise be lost, but are little gems.

  7. actuallymummy

    For this, I write my blog 😉

  8. HonestMum.com

    Wonderful post and what a cutie. We are lucky aren’t we!

  9. Love love love this post (and shhh… But it makes me long for a girl, a little bit!). You’re so right to record the little stuff because you forget it so easily.

    This is a good kick up the bum to me to get T’s scrapbook up to date.

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