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An eco-savvy plate. Yes, really.

Behold. The latest for environmentally conscious parents.

The Beco feeding set, from Beco Things.

I’d never heard of this brand until they got in touch to introduce themselves. I have to say, I was a bit sceptical at first. I mean, I know it’s trendy to be environmentally aware and all, but aren’t eco potties and plates taking it a bit far? Continue reading



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A mess and a present (for you)

Have you ever wished you could earn something from the mess your child makes? How about an Amazon voucher worth £75?

All you have to do is dig out a picture of your beautiful child making a huge mess. Something like this: Continue reading


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A question of food

This time last year I was starting to think about weaning. I read a few books and about a million articles online and decided, in a rather New Age way, to try out Baby-led Weaning.

This isn’t a post about Baby-led Weaning.

No, what I would like to talk about is all those mothers who don’t have the luxury of obsessing over whether their baby will be puree fed or go straight to solids. Those mums who can’t worry if  it’s too soon to introduce a bread stick or whether all pear should be peeled, because they’re more worried about when they will next be able to feed their child, let alone what that food will actually be.

I have laughed about how messy Frog’s journey with food has been. I’ve celebrated her ability to eat (and throw) everything. I’ve sat proudly while she’s cleared her plate at a restuarant and I’ve worried fruitlessly about when she’ll get any good at using a knife and fork.

But all that’s inconsequential really. She’s always had food. She’s never gone hungry. She doesn’t even know what hungry feels like. Continue reading


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Cinderella shall go to the ball

Getting married is pretty expensive, as is saving for a house.

So I am hugely pleased that the wonderful Brother Max brand is sponsoring me to go to the MAD Blog Awards in London in September. I was all prepared to do my acceptance speech for the Best Baby Blog Award via video link on a big screen, but now it turns out I don’t have to.

Of course it could all go horribly wrong. This sponsorship malarkey could actually mean I’ll have to sit there and clap enthusiastically as one of the other finalists goes to accept their award. Continue reading


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Why a baby is better than Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

We’ve taken a fresh approach to interior design this week.

Gone are the old, boring, white walls. Hidden are the original timber beams. And camouflaged are the dull beige carpet and cream rug. In their place are spots of tomato sauce, layered with smudges of mashed potato, accompanied with a fine dusting of rice crispies and crusty sausage.

Frog has taken to decorating like a true pro. She’s really gunning for Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s job. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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Baby juice-o

If juice was wine my baby would be a drunk.

After spending the last 6 months resolutely refusing to give Frog anything other than water or milk, I’ve recently given in to the pull of the juice. And Frog’s taken to it like a duck to water, or a disco queen to sambucca. Continue reading


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Frog-led weaning

There’s only so much you can say about weaning.

It’s messy, time-consuming and, to be honest, a bit of a ball-ache. Life is far easier when they only consume milk.

That said, we’ve also had quite a bit of fun with the whole food thing so far. I enjoy finding ever more random combinations of ingredients to offer Frog, and find myself constantly taking photos of her covered in tasty morsels of said combinations.

Due to the stubborn independent nature of my child, we went down the baby-led weaning route. I know this isn’t for everyone. Whatever. It worked for us, for many reasons.

I’m over at Childcare Is Fun today, blabbing on about the whole thing. It may be worth a look if you’re starting to think about weaning your baby, or want to see photographic evidence of the afore mentioned mess. Once again, the photos are taken by Caroline Gue. She’s good like that.


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