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Every single day so far this year – minus last week – has been about getting to grips with a new way of life.

It’s been about balancing on the edge of a cliff face, determined not to fall off. It’s been about struggling to maintain a sense of calm while a million things on my “to do” list whizz through my head.

It’s been about trying to be the best mum I can possibly be, while being the best radio presenter I can possibly be, while being the best copywriter I can possibly be, while being the best blogger I can possibly be, while being the best feature writer I can possibly be. And still remain some sort of wife to my husband. Continue reading



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What do your children mean to you?

Most evenings, around 6pm, my child means one thing to me: MESS.

Pure, unadulterated mess. Crayons in the carpet, milk on the sofa, books and cushions and dried rice and sticky ketchup strewn around the house and smeared up walls. This is the evidence I live with a small person. The evidence I am a mum.

But that mess – the stuff that makes me want to tear my hair out at the end of a long day – is what keeps me going. Continue reading


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A question of food

This time last year I was starting to think about weaning. I read a few books and about a million articles online and decided, in a rather New Age way, to try out Baby-led Weaning.

This isn’t a post about Baby-led Weaning.

No, what I would like to talk about is all those mothers who don’t have the luxury of obsessing over whether their baby will be puree fed or go straight to solids. Those mums who can’t worry if  it’s too soon to introduce a bread stick or whether all pear should be peeled, because they’re more worried about when they will next be able to feed their child, let alone what that food will actually be.

I have laughed about how messy Frog’s journey with food has been. I’ve celebrated her ability to eat (and throw) everything. I’ve sat proudly while she’s cleared her plate at a restuarant and I’ve worried fruitlessly about when she’ll get any good at using a knife and fork.

But all that’s inconsequential really. She’s always had food. She’s never gone hungry. She doesn’t even know what hungry feels like. Continue reading


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I’m grateful for

Despite my moaning, I’m actually a very happy person. You see, I have lots to be happy about.

I have a lovely family, amazing friends and live in a beautiful place.

But the thing I’m most grateful for, above all else, is my daughter. Yes, she cries. Yes, she throws food around the room. And yes, she often leaves a perfectly formed poo on the carpet. But she’s healthy; she’s healthy and happy and safe. Continue reading


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Art, crafts and immunisations

After having a baby I’ve been utterly shocked to find I haven’t suddenly developed a new skill for craft activities.

Despite my best efforts to learn to knit, sew and make beautifully arty creations out of an old slipper and a rusty nail, I’m constantly indignant at my lack of crafting ability. Yes it’s fair to say, I’m rubbish at making things. Continue reading


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