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From the mouths of…

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been jealous of other parents who have children who can talk. The sheer amount of blog material you lot get out of your speaking offspring is unbelievable.

As Frog is only 13 months old, her vocabulary isn’t particularly wide at the moment. She’s got to grips with “Mummy” and “Daddy” and “Gagaga”, “Bababa” and “Eeeeeeeeeeee”. But that’s about it. Nothing hugely amusing, I think you’ll agree.

But yet again, the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine has stepped up to the plate. Where his daughter has failed, he has taken up the mantle. Continue reading



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How to have a yummy bum

Like many women, I struggle to love my bum. It’s a bit wobbly and a bit pale. It’s also currently sporting a couple of well-placed mosquito bites, but that might be too much information for you.

Anyway, what with the wedding coming up (I know, I know, just humour me for one post – it’ll be over soon) I have decided to try and do something about it.

So I attempted exercise – and wet my pants. I tried those buffer scrubber things that supposedly get rid of cellulite – and ended up with a behind to rival a baboon’s in redness. Continue reading


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Not enough room in my head

I’m experiencing some serious overcrowding problems at the moment.

We live in a two bedroom cottage, with a buggy and a million toys and baby paraphernalia stuffed into every nook and cranny. But that’s not the problem.

I feel as if my head is about to explode, as the pressure of a thousand thoughts builds to a worrying crescendo.

It’s the wedding. And work. And the baby. And those table plans. And articles. And meetings. And the radio work. And the accounts to keep on top of. And the copywriting project. And the childcare issues. And the never-ending pile of washing. And the emails – the bloody emails. They’re down to my ankles and up to my neck. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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I thought I’d grown up, but it turns out I haven’t

My face hurts from laughing.

It’s been one of those weekends where you look around at all your friends and family and realise how lucky you are. It’s also been one of those weekends when you realise you may be a mum now, but you’re really still just a big kid.

It was my hen do, you see. Continue reading


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Taming the beast


I have a big task ahead of me this evening.

It involves razers, tweezers, body scrub, nail varnish, moisterising fake tan and copious amounts of other potions and lotions. Because tonight, I am going to tame the beast. Continue reading


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