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20 months and still not walking

Frog turned 20 months old yesterday.

She’s still not walking.

Unfortunately for my child, she’s been blessed with rather wonky feet and very long lanky legs. Just like her dad.

Also, unfortunately for my child, every pavement in Britain isn’t littered with a permanent handrail on which to balance while trying to negotiate life on two feet. Continue reading



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How to get a yummy bum: Part II

When Frog was first born, my mum attempted to persuade me to use cloth nappies. “Yuck”, I replied. “What do you think I am? Some kind of hippy?”. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday


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A day in the life of a freelance journalist (and mum)

Before I became a mum I thought I was busy. I would be in work for 5am (I was a Breakfast Journalist at a large commercial radio station), work bloomin’ hard while I was there, and then go home to have a nap at some point in the afternoon.

Occasionally I’d do a load of washing – back when I only needed to wash a couple of loads a week – and collapse for the rest of the evening on the sofa.

I had no idea what busy was.

As a comparison, I’ve done a little exercise. This is what my life looked like yesterday: Continue reading


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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Possibly the best adventure ever

Today’s post is brought to you by Frog. I don’t want to muddy her creative waters so without further ado, please welcome my 16 month old daughter to the stage…


I went to the shops today. Mum was muttering under her breath that it would be a quick trip, because the shop’s only over the road. We needed some of that delicious white stuff she likes to give me before my nap, so I was well up for going. Continue reading


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This mouth was made for talking

This is Frog a year ago:

And this is Frog now: Continue reading


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The box of treasure that isn’t really treasure

Frog has a new toy. It cost me, well, let’s just say it was very very cheap. As cheap as a box of treasure comes, in fact.

At nearly 16 months, my daughter has decided she’s not particularly interested in toys any more. She’d rather play with real stuff. It doesn’t really matter what stuff, as long as it’s stuff.

Useful stuff is best; a bowl, a wooden spoon, some pegs. Anything that isn’t a real toy and which I’m likely to need within the next half an hour. Continue reading


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A discovery of parts

My daughter has just found out she is a girl.

It hasn’t been an instant discovery.

There was the fascination with her hands when she was around six months old, with the constant inspection of her fingers. And then came the perusal of her feet and examination of each toe. Each day brings a new discovery of body part, which occupies my 15 month old daughter for a good few hours.

And now we appear to have moved on to a new area. Continue reading


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