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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday



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Birthday love

6.43 am, 27th June 2010: the moment my life changed forever.

You are tiny, little Frog. Purple, you don’t even look human really. Your little feet are all crooked from where they’ve been scrunched up inside me  so long. Your little hands make angry fists. Continue reading


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The end of a love affair

It looks like the love affair is over.


My boob-loving daughter has, after a few false starts, entirely given up the boob. I know, I know. Get a grip and all that.

The thing is, this hasn’t exactly been out of the blue. First of all I whinged on about feeling rejected when she seemed to hate the boobs (it was the teeth – her teeth, I mean, not teeth on my boobs. That would just be weird). Then I moaned when she was all about the breastfeeding again. I wanted to wear pretty dresses and under-wired bras, see. Continue reading


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One month today

One month today, I won’t have a baby anymore.

One month today, my baby will be a little girl. A one-year-old. Big. Not a baby.

Every moment I look at her she’s changed – a new laugh, new scream, new babble. Continue reading


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Happy Birthday old man

Grandad F is 60 today. But he’s a very cool 60. One day I’ll tell you all about him, but for now, I leave you with this:

Grand Frog and Mini Frog.



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