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I’m giving up blogging

From THIS blog space, anyway.

I’ve spent just over a year in this little corner of Cyberspace, blogging about being a mum, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, relationships, travel, getting married, tantrums, working and everything else inbetween.

Since I started this blog I couldn’t have foreseen where it would have taken me. I branched out into a whole new career path and am now working about four different jobs that probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for this beautiful little blog. Continue reading



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Why I don’t like cats

Photo credit: Sensual Shadows Photography

I’ve heard it said that in life, you’re either a dog person or a cat person. I am most certainly not a cat person.

I don’t trust them. They lull you into a false sense of security, purring softly on your lap and then – BAM! they dig their sharp claws into the soft wobbly flesh of your thigh. They’re far too clever for their own good.

The other thing about cats is that they bring back a bitter memory for me. Continue reading


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I’m going to CybHer UK – are you?

When I started blogging just over a year ago, I never ever pictured myself as the type of person to attend a blogging event.

In my head, people who blogged all carried laptops around with them everywhere they went and spoke in mysterious lingo, using terms like “SEO”, “link-backs” and “RSS feeds”. In short, they didn’t sound like the type of people I’d have anything in common with. Continue reading


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One today

Once upon a time there was a woman.

She had a wobbly tummy, big bags under her eyes and a yummy little baby.

But, despite this woman’s attributes, she was worried.

The whole year stretched ahead of her and she didn’t know what it would hold. She didn’t know when her yummy little baby would start sleeping through the night. She didn’t know if she would return to her old pre-baby job. She didn’t know how long she could continue to pretend she had a clue what she was doing when it came to being a mum. Continue reading


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So I didn’t win, but I had a bloomin’ good time

This weekend has opened my eyes to a few things:

1) I am a sore loser

2) I can’t consume more than three glasses of wine before getting all loud and over-excited

3) I should never be allowed on a rickshaw after drinking said three glasses of wine

4) I am a terrible singer. Continue reading


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Me, The MADs and a pair of very big pants

Tomorrow afternoon I will kiss my daughter goodbye and board a train to the bright lights of London.

I’m hoping it won’t be a packed train, because I will be armed with some hair straighteners, a huge pair of heels and a rather pretty dress from Ellos. Oh and about ten tonnes of make-up, a camera and some very, very big pants. Continue reading


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Introducing: the MAD edition

If you’re sick of the MAD Blog Awards already, you’ve come to the wrong place.

This week’s Introducing is all about the MAD Blog Awards, in celebration of the finalists being announced this week. And no, it has nothing to do with me being shortlisted in the Best MAD Baby Blog category. Ok, maybe a little bit.

Anyway, back to the task in hand. For those of you unfamiliar with Introducing, it’s a weekly feature I run sharing my limelight with three other blogs. It’s that simple.

My picks this week are all fellow finalists in the MAD Blog Awards, along with two former Introducing stars, Circus Queen and Northern Mummy with Southern Children. What can I say? I have good taste. Continue reading


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Introducing: Some funny

This week’s Introducing is all about the funny. And I have some corkers for you.

Much as I hate to share the spotlight, these blogs are worth it. They’ve made me laugh. And that is a difficult task for a woman currently riddled with frowns.

So, bring forth your best Tena Lady and prepare to wet those pants…

Spotlight please:

I Know I Need To Stop Talking

She’s rude. She’s sarcastic. She’s a complete and utter attention-seeker. She’s on my wavelength.

And so, it seems, is her son – the utterly hilarious Mr Jamie.

This blog charts the strange adventures of a woman and her family, but in the most unique way I have ever come across. Cue: “big black nipples”, “(clearly cavernous) front bottoms” and discussions about Darth Vader killing Baby Jesus.

She’s not for the faint-hearted. And that’s why I love her.

Dresses and Denial

An entirely new blog. And by new, I mean one-post-new.

This is the journey of a “small, funny, slutty” woman attempting to shrink from 10st 13lb to 9st 3lb. And did I mention she’s funny?

At the moment, I’m her only follower and I’m feeling a little lonely. Come and join me as we wait to see if she “falls face first into some pasta”. I’m sure she’ll make us laugh along the way.

Northern Mummy with Southern Children

You’ve probably already met this woman, because she is, like, super famous.

But if you haven’t, she’s worth a visit. Another funny and sarcastic gem (sensing a theme here), she blogs about all sorts of mundane life events, from the death of a goldfish to getting ready for a night out.  But she does it with a certain panache that only she can do. Entertaining, readable and thoroughly relatable.

Plus, I’ve met her in “real life” and she’s really rather nice.

That’s it for this week. If you want to be featured next week, come along and introduce yourself: mothersalwaysright@gmail.com

Au revoir.

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Introducing: The May edition

Even Lady Gaga needs downtime you know.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve been busy, rushed off your feet I expect. Take a break. Sit back and acquaint yourself with some brilliant blogs. Because Introducing is back.

And this week’s stars are:

Baby Ephemeraldigest

A beautifully written blog about life as a single mum to a gorgeous baby girl. Oh, and she lives in Bristol. Which, as you know, is always a bonus.

But be warned, the photographs on this blog could very well send your ovaries into over-drive. This is one seriously cute baby.

 Manana Mama

This woman is funny, witty, thought-provoking and has a wonderful way with words. I hate her.

If you haven’t already come across Manana Mama, you should go and meet her.  She didn’t even ask to be featured, that’s how cool she is. She was pointed out to me in a recommendation by Ghostwriter Mummy (who is also very cool, by the way).

Three Beautiful Things

The original blog of positivity. An anti-depressant in blog form, if you will. Yet another wonderfully written gem, which lists three beautiful things the author has experienced each day.

From the mundane and tiny (freshly baked muffins, a little girl counting plastic ducks) to the huge and overwhelming (a new dress, a night out) the beautiful things keep on coming.

And if you missed last week’s Introducing, you missed some more cracking blogs. But in another fit of uncharacteristic generosity, I will update you. Here it is.

Now get back to work Lady Gaga. (I’m still waiting for a tune to rival the magnificence that was Poker Face. I know you won’t let me down.)


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I’m getting a divorce

Not really! (I’m not even married yet – give me a chance. Sheesh).

But the ugly issue of relationship breakdown is featured in my latest piece over at Born Free Mum and Dad UK.

I don’t usually publish my articles on my blog, but seeing as this one was all blogging and stuff, I thought you lot may be a teensy bit interested. Maybe.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back later to unveil three new blogs for this week’s Introducing.  God, I’m so giving.


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