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Silent Sunday




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What’s your best thing about being a mum?

For me, this is the best thing about being a mum. It’s those moments of pure glee, when your child does something that makes you laugh, or accepts a cuddle willingly.

I have to remind myself of this fact today, after a difficult afternoon with a grumpy baby. Generally, I would be able to handle the tantrums, but they become a little more tricky when you’ve been up since 3.45am. Continue reading


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A bad house guest

Life is soon to get a whole lot easier. You see, an unwanted visitor will soon be making a disappearance. For another year at least.

This visitor makes me stressed, causes arguments between myself and my husband and winds up my daughter a treat.

This visitor picks one moment during Every. Single. Day to wave their hands and shout “Cooeeee, I’m over here!” before taunting my soon-to-be 18 month old with a big fat raspberry.This causes tears and shouts of indignation on her part, followed by angry grumbles from the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and protective snarls from me. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday


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