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A diagnosis, of sorts

Hospital waiting rooms - a good source of books

I didn’t sleep last night.

I was too busy tossing and turning in bed, mulling over the various different things that could mean my toddler isn’t toddling. Why is it that things always seem so much worse in the dark?

Today’s hospital appointment – both dreaded and anticipated – wasn’t particularly pleasant. The X-ray which I was hoping to avoid did actually happen. The consultant examined Frog’s gorgeous hips and sent us straight to the room with the “special camera”. Continue reading



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Shamed by my daughter

Ever since the birth of this blog,  I’ve jealousy read posts from other parents, gleefully sharing moments their children have embarrassed them; the time their four year old son swore in the supermarket, or the time their three year old daughter innocently insulted the lady at the checkout. Damn those parents and their speaking children, providing a lifetime of amusing blog material.

But now Frog has stepped up to the plate. Continue reading


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