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An eco-savvy plate. Yes, really.

Behold. The latest for environmentally conscious parents.

The Beco feeding set, from Beco Things.

I’d never heard of this brand until they got in touch to introduce themselves. I have to say, I was a bit sceptical at first. I mean, I know it’s trendy to be environmentally aware and all, but aren’t eco potties and plates taking it a bit far? Continue reading



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T is for Turkey

It’s 10 o’clock at night and we’ve just landed in Turkey. It’s our first family holiday with our baby, who is 9 months old. Despite my concerns about the flight, she slept through the entire journey. Easy.

Fast forward two hours and we still haven’t found our villa. Between the four adults on this trip, not one of us has remembered to bring the directions.

Another hour in and still no sign of the villa. We’re driving down a deserted dirt track with no idea where we’re heading. I look at my sleeping baby, in her rickety Turkish carseat and feel sick. Continue reading


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Why a baby is better than Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

We’ve taken a fresh approach to interior design this week.

Gone are the old, boring, white walls. Hidden are the original timber beams. And camouflaged are the dull beige carpet and cream rug. In their place are spots of tomato sauce, layered with smudges of mashed potato, accompanied with a fine dusting of rice crispies and crusty sausage.

Frog has taken to decorating like a true pro. She’s really gunning for Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s job. Continue reading


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I’m never one to dutifully swallow PR-speak, but I think this time they might have a point.

I had an email today telling me all about this new phenomenon that’s (supposedly) sweeping the nation. It’s called “Weekendvy” and, apparently, lots of us have it.

Yeah, right.

“Weekendvy” is pretty simple: we have very dull lives so decide to lie about. It works like this, come Monday morning you boast to your work-mates / mum-mates / anyone who is willing to listen, that you spent your weekend taking the kids to the zoo, having a romantic meal out with your other half and shopping for clothes in that amazing new boutique down the road. When, actually, you spent Saturday trailing round the supermarket and Sunday sitting around in your pants watching Countryfile. Get it?


Now, call me competitive (I know, I know, at it again, can’t help myself) but when I hear on a Monday morning about the amazing weekends other mums at baby and toddler group had, I just can’t help myself. They went to the farm, or to soft-play, or had a romantic weekend break with the man, or had a night out with the girls. They most certainly didn’t sit around in their pants watching Countryfile. I panic  – why am I so rubbish at doing weekends – and cook up something about a family trip swimming and a meal out with the (self proclaimed) Northern Love Machine.  Phew – got away with it this time…

But all this has got to stop. I really must stop bending the truth about my weekends. So hands up, I admit it: I do enjoy a spot of Countryfile in my pants on a Sunday. And in the last eight months I have only been out for one meal with the (self proclaimed) NLM. He is so romantic he took me to an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese.

Ah, that feels better, what a load off my mind. Right, I’m off to clean the boat. We’re going yachting this weekend don’t you know…



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