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Silent Sunday



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So I didn’t win, but I had a bloomin’ good time

This weekend has opened my eyes to a few things:

1) I am a sore loser

2) I can’t consume more than three glasses of wine before getting all loud and over-excited

3) I should never be allowed on a rickshaw after drinking said three glasses of wine

4) I am a terrible singer. Continue reading


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When we first looked around the house we live in now, we were so excited by the fact it had a dishwasher, we didn’t realise there was no fridge.

On the day we moved in to our home, three weeks late because of heavy snow, we ended up having to keep the milk outside in the back garden while we waited for a fridge to be delivered.

But it didn’t matter, because we had a shed: Continue reading


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Silent Sunday



Silent Sunday


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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Step onto my stage

It’s that time of week again. The time where I ask for some friends.

What a loser I am.

No, but seriously. I’m looking for three new blogs to feature in my Introducing post this Thursday. No meme’s, linkys or anything even slightly draining required. All you have to do is email me at mothersalwaysright@gmail.com and introduce yourself.

I’ll then pick three new blogs to feature in the post on Thursday. It’s your chance to say hello to me and to anyone else who reads my blog (particularly my mum).

For the skim readers amongst you, I’ll make it extra simple:

  1. Email me: mothersalwaysright@gmail.com
  2. Introduce yourself and include a link to your blog

It really is that easy. Now don’t say I never give you anything.

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